Why have my career struggles always failed? What should I do for career success? (Part One)

You may have thought that choosing a high-minded job, field-related choice, or any choice on any basis would be a success for you. But there are other factors that you should consider to provide the best version of yourself. In this article, we will try to clarify the dimensions of this issue for you.

Right choice

Everyone has to choose according to his/her karmas and the limitations he/she is destined for. On the birth chart of most people are the weak and powerful planets. If you can make a choice toward your powerful planets, it will succeed providing that other factors are good. But more precise meaning is given by the example.

Someone on the birth chart have the sun planet in power position (at the moment of his birth, the sun planet appears in a powerful state). One of his available choices would be a choice in management or medical majors (considering other factors). But on the birth chart, planet Mercury is in the worst position possible. Now that person chooses accounting based on family background or any other reason. This field requires Mercury Planet forces (mathematics, computation, rational analytical power). Naturally, this person will fail in this field of study, and will probably remain a simple employee and will never have the opportunity to flourish (if you consider other factors).

Someone came up to me in 2016. checking the chart, I said I hope you are a capable artist. “Cinema is my third major. I have studied business before, but haven’t been successful. I have studied telecommunications for a while, but failed. For about a year now, I have been studying cinema, my constant interest. With all the pressures of those around me, I have decided to work on my interest. Over this very year, I have had considerable suggestions and been heavily in the orbit of progress. In the charts of this person, the planets of the moon and Venus are in the position of zero degrees and power.

The point is that if you are on the right track and the right choice, your progress will be maximized. You will grow fast, and doors will be opened for you.


The second matter is interest. Once your talent is discovered on your birth chart, your interest on the subject must be matched. In fact, to evolve the power of the planet, your interest must also be matched. for example:

When the planet of the moon is in its power (considering other factors) a significant force which is related to design will be created in the person. But is it like saying: So be busy designing clothes?

No this is absolutely wrong! In order to be able to choose a subcategory, we need to consider two more factors.

First: interest and second: combinations of other effects. To complement the above example, if Venus is in power, it will energizes the moon. Or if this person’s horoscope is Mars, he/she will be hasty, and will influence the quality of the moon. So after looking at these two items, you can come to the ideal choice.

To be continued….

The best choice could be yours! Just have to ask!

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Investigating the strengths and weaknesses that influence work/financial life

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