?Why did Oshu believe in astronomy

As you know, Oshu was not a regular spiritual disciple like others. He can be called an extraordinary master. He offered completely different views on everything such as religion, culture, love, sex and so on. In one of his interviews, Osho said: Astronomy is an ancient science in India, written five thousand years ago and contains individual characteristics based on details of birth. He also said that we humans are not separate from other things in the world. We are deeply in touch with them. We get the cosmic energy from the universe and the level of this energy varies from person to person. Many factors make the difference, such as the time of birth, the environment and the nutrition and so on.

We receive cosmic energy without being aware of it. During sleep and meditation, we receive more energy than at other times. Especially during meditation. Due to the position of planets and stars, the amount of this cosmic energy varies in different days and times. The timing of many celebrations, rituals, and Hindu prayers (poojahs) depends on the status of the moon (from the full moon to the black moon) because the energy level varies in the lunar cycle. The menstrual period of women also depends on the lunar cycle.

It’s an interesting fact that you may have noticed. People who share the same talents have similarities in their personality, and on the other hand those whose talents are in conflict with each other. There are many events in life that confirm the impact of stars and planets on our lives.

Most of the people in India, before getting married, consider matching their own and their future spouses’ horoscopes. It has been a pursuit for decades for marriages without question. Some also question the validity of the marriage horoscopes match. The main reason for seeing horoscopes, as we discussed earlier, is that each person’s personality is different from another one’s. Matching the horoscopes actually means that there is a reconciliation between the two parties based on their birth characteristics. Having a birth profile can reveal one’s personality.

Astronomy is valid for many of the important decisions of life in India. For example, the name of a newborn baby is chosen from the time of birth, and many more. Astronomy is a great tool in India for determining the time of events or when to begin activities. For example, starting a new building, opening a new home or shop, starting a new business, running a Hindu prayer, and much more. If you look at astronomy as a science, it can be your guide in life. But you should not expect a miracle from the astronomer. An astronomer can determine which planet has the most impact on you, and energy level analysis can guide you. It can also shield you from negative energies.

Believe it or not, stars and planets affect your energy level. Even if you are unaware of it. As Osho says, we are not separate from the universe. We are deeply in touch with everything in the universe.

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