Where there is a will, there is not a way.

By Professor Soroush Dehghan

I completely refuse that where there is a will, there is a way. The potential of individuals is different. There are many factors that can make a person succeed or fail. We can see it right through when all factors are considered. Jyotish knowledge has a lot to say as a piece of this complex puzzle.

Over years, I have seen many birth charts, analyzed and discussed them with owners of charts. This experience has opened important doors for me. Now I want to write for you about factors that should be considered for success in prespective of Jyotish.

To succeed in your academic life

In order to be successful in this part of your life, you must make a choice that fits your talents. It may seem obvious to you, but I mean very deeply. If Mercury is damaged at the moment of your birth and you choose study fields like accounting, programming, etc., and whatever you try to do, you will not succeed even if you really want to. So the choice of course and profession must match the energy of the planets; just like a person who is a manager or doctor with a powerful Sun. Every planet has a responsibility, and to succeed, the related planet must be in its strongest position on your birth chart. So where there is a will, there is not a way.

جیوتیش چارت استاد سروش دهقان

After going through the step above and making the right choise, it is time for analyzing the higher education houses. The ninth house on the birth chart is for the BA degree and MA degree. The eleventh house controls the Ph.D. Also Mercury and Jupiter are important because they are responsible for education. So these items should be analyzed to know what obstacles we face in this way.

The next part which matters most is what planet rules your life? If the planet is damaged it will slow you down and cause you trouble. Which part of your birth chart is active? How you should be in active periods? What are the possible dangers and threats?

Over the past years, I have seen many people who have conquered the flourishing peak of their profession and study field by steping in the right path, and I have seen many who have ruined their lives by insisting on the wrong choice. Which group would you like to be?

There are successful people who can see the whole puzzles and know that not everybody in this world has come to do everything and that there is not a way where it is a will.

I, Soroush Dehghan, can help you find and apply real talents.

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