When will I start earning money? Exploring from a Geotechnical Perspective

Money is like sixth sense and you can’t use your other five senses without it. “

William Somerset Moam

This quote from William Somerset Moam seems to be telling the whole truth. Only when a person’s true scientific and other abilities are properly judged can a person be financially independent. Analyzing the birth chart from a Geotechnical perspective can provide a good rationale for business and finance issues. Some people start earning money at an early age. However, some people are struggling to make money even in middle age. Some good people make a profit, while others may find it difficult to make a living even in late life. Some people can even make a decent income with only a moderate education, while others may find it difficult to use their university education to earn a living.

What is the way to riches in your destiny?

These are all obvious on the planets and homes of your birth chart, and can be decoded with an analysis and analysis from a Geotechnical perspective, provided you want to do so. The first and foremost issue in this area is examining the power of planets in business and finance.

Having powerful third, fifth, and tenth homes on a person’s birth chart allows them to make good money from the very beginning of their professional career. On the other hand, the weaknesses and disadvantages of some of these homes will also delay the earning of money and halt one’s efforts in the profession and the inability to earn a decent income. The power of second and eleventh homes determines the amount of wealth and prosperity. The fifth and ninth house on the birth chart is also associated with the ease of obtaining financial gains.

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Thereafter, the role of the planetary period function during the early years of professional life is also crucial. If the optimal planetary period is active on the person’s birth chart, the individual will achieve positive results from his efforts; otherwise, the results would be in conflict with his performance and efforts.

Here we analyze and analyze several birth charts to see the different conditions.

Example 1: Birth chart of a prominent person in the profession

The birth chart on Mars is transcendent and in the third house is influenced by Saturn’s positive attitude in the ninth house. The server of the second house is Venus, although in the eighth house, but on the second house on the person’s birth chart, he has an attitude; The owner of this birth chart had excellent and outstanding conditions in his professional life during the main courses of the Moon, Mars and Rao. It should be noted that all three planets are related to the Eleventh House, which represents financial gain. In addition to this person’s birth chart, his division chart is also very powerful in astrology.

Example 2: Birth chart An example of a person who started earning money as a teenager

This person started earning money from the early age of 21 to 22 years. The sun in this birth chart is the third house server in astrology and is influenced by the attitude of the second house server (ie the moon) and the strong client (located in the seventh house birth chart). Horoscope Server This birth chart is located in the second house along with Mars (ie, the sixth and eleventh house servers) and Quito. The emergence of the alliance of astrology with the eleventh house in the second house creates a good yoga for wealth, although Mars’ weakness and nature are negative for Namibian astrology and its revenue problems They did. Also, this position of Mars as the sixth house server has also made money through immoral practices. However, the sun’s power on this birth chart made him hard-working and brought financial success to this person’s life.

Example 3: This birth chart belongs to someone with a high level of skill in the medical profession

This person has achieved a remarkable professional status through his / her medical education in government education and occupation. Mars is the third house server in its zodiacal sign in the eighth house along with the eleventh house server. The server of the second house is also Venus, located in the fifth house with Jupiter. The server of the fifth house is Saturn, who together with Quito has gone to the tenth house of the birth chart. According to the meanings of Vedic astrology and fifth and tenth houses here, this person has begun to make money at a good age.

Example 4: Birth chart of a person who has a day job

On the birth chart is the third client’s home server, located in the ninth house along with the Logna server, which enables one to successfully integrate their professional efforts with good communication skills. The second home server, Mars, has moved to the eighth house, which is helping to reduce the level of its financial position and prevent it from achieving good financial revenue. The tenth house on this person’s birth chart is occupied by Saturn, the Moon, and the Sun, where Saturn and the Moon are damaged by the Sun and hence weakened. A strong and well-positioned third house server enabled this person to make money by teaching and receiving tuition at a young age. Later, he became a public servant and moved to the office level of an office. Due to the presence of a powerful customer on this birth chart, one tested his luck in the business. However, because of Mars’ weakness (ie, the seventh house server) and the severe damage to Saturn’s Yoga karaoke, he failed.

Reviewing and analyzing your birth chart can help you choose the best professional background for you. Also, this analysis can determine the optimal time to strive for your professional and financial success.

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