?What questions can be answered by looking at each home birth chart

What questions can be answered by looking at each home birth chart?

Having information about Geotech before consulting saves time and communicates effectively with the consultant and, of course, asking questions when consulting. Asked what geotechnical consultant can answer each question on your chart?

First Chart House

How is your situation?
What is your state of happiness?
How is your health?
Why did I come into this world?

Second Chart House

How is my financial life?
How are our financial lives and assets at different time periods?
When do I get the money?
How do you manage your assets?
What are your risks, threats and strengths in financial life?
Any questions about your money and assets

Third House Chart

What is your risk-taking power and what can be done to improve it?
What is the status and role of your siblings in your life?
Partner with Sisters of the Brethren and all of you and them

Fourth house chart

What is your relationship with your mother and their role in your life?
How is your life in terms of energy and what’s happening in your father’s home?
How and when is it possible to buy a home, car and other property?
What is your happiness and happiness in living in your father’s house and in your own home?
Any questions about mother and property

Fifth Chart House

How do love adventures happen in your life?
What are your strengths and weaknesses in communicating with your emotional partner?
Explain important periods and dates for your love adventures
Why aren’t you in a relationship? When do you get into a relationship?
How do you better communicate with your partner if you are in a relationship?

Sixth house chart

Your health and illness
Planetary activity and diseases you are susceptible to
Periods of activity of malicious planets and their dates

Seventh House Chart

When will i get married
What is the quality of my marriage?
What are the looks of my wife?
What will my wife be like?
How is my future spouse financially?
I’m currently in a marriage, what is the quality of my marriage?
I’m married, how will my wife and I be?
Do I have a second marriage (kh)? When does this happen?
What can I do to get a better marriage?
What can I do to ward off the scary effect of the planets? (Therapy)
Any questions about the marriage and the emotional relationship of the single, married, or divorced spouse

Eighth House Chart

What are the dangers and hardships on my path?
What will my sex life be like?
Does my wife betray me?
Do I make a windfall? Inheritance and Legacy

Ninth House Chart

What is my dharma and mission in this life?
How do I grow spiritually?
How will higher education (undergraduate and graduate) go?

Tenth House Chart

Quality and job status
Father and all the things related to him
Do I succeed in my job?
What job is best for me?
When do I get a promotion?
Is it better for me to work or to work for myself?
In what job do I get money sooner?
The era of power and weakness in career-career with history
Any questions about business and business

Eleventh House Chart

How is my relationship with close friends?
How to target in life and achieve long term and short term goals?
Status of income and financial entries with date
Period of activation of financial entries and description of period with dates

The Twelfth House Chart

What do I have to lose?
Am I going to jail?
Will I face legal problems?
House of Liberation and Moksha

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