What is Jyotish?

Jyotish is a method that allows us to examine the status and power of the planets on people’s lives, how the Sun had an effect on you at birth, or the Moon whose effects have been scientifically proven many times, What impact has it had on your life and your destiny?

In this system, the birth chart, date of birth, and birthplace of a person are charted as the birth chart, and the Jyotish professor examines the birth chart to judge different parts of a person’s life (health, marriage, occupation, relationships, and so on)

Jyotish is a system for analyzing the status of stars on human life based on astronomical information. This system allows its lovers to evaluate the planets and their effects. This knowledge is the oldest star system in the world and also the least error within the system. In the Vedic system we have seven planets and two shadows (Rahu and Ketu), as well as the real name of the system in the language of Sanskrit Jyotish means the ligh knowledge. Based on this system, everyone is born in a certain order of stars. The horoscope or birth chart of each person has twelve houses.

Jyotish Foundations

The foundations of astrology have been studied by ancient Indian philosophers. The most accurate form of this system was written by Maharashi Parashara around 2000 years ago. Knowledge, as well as many scholars in this field, are the primary source of study.

Powerful Jyotish tool

Vedic astrology is directly linked to other Vedic sciences such as Ayurveda (health science and ancient medicine of India) as well as Vastu (science similar to Feng Shui). By using strology and its complementary tools, many of the problems in the astrologic chart can be prevented.

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