Wealth in Astrology

Astrologically, wealth is determined by examining two houses. The second and eleventh houses of the birth charts. However, the Eleventh House must be considered the most important house for the examination of one’s wealth. Most people (even many astrologers) think that wealth should be seen as a second house, but this is a mistaken idea. The second house in astrology refers to property (family assets) or fixed assets such as jewelry, home, land, business and family business. Eleventh house of he birth chart is all about earnings and income. Wealth is ,in fact, all about the flow of money, and the eleventh house is the only house that shows us the path of money, hope and aspirations. The eleventh house is the house of our hopes and aspirations and shows that they are coming true and that 99.9% of people’s hopes and aspirations are financial security.

Whenever you want to evaluate and judge a person’s wealth from the perspective of astrology, you have to look at his/her eleventh house. What planet is in the eleventh house, what planet the lord is in, and what planets have an attitude and influence on it, are issues that need to be considered. In Vedic astrology there is a phenomenon called Dasha that is discussed in detail, but in general, Dasha is a period of a single planet that is currently affecting and controlling your life. Everyone’s life is affected by the rule of a particular planet from birth to death.

For example, your life may be controlled by Mars in the first seven years of Mars and the next eighteen years, and then the Jupiter will rule your life for sixteen years. Now if Dasha is a planet activated that is also your eleventh house lord, or is in the seventh house, it’s a good opportunity and wealth will not be out of reach.

Nadi astrology uses proportions to determine what a planet does in your life. It is both about recognizing the good opportunities that the planet creates and about the bad times it is causing. There is a section on astrology that illustrates the influence of each planet on houses. For example, Saturn may influence the second, fourth, seventh, and eleventh houses. When you look at the eleventh house in this section, you will find that in Saturn’s Dasha period wealth will come to you. This way of discovering the truth and knowing things is much better than reading your daily and weekly astrology.

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