Venus: Planet of Love and Money

Venus is all about pleasure, especially the pleasure of sharing with someone else. The planet has to do with love, romantic relationships, and harmony in our emotional attachments, marriage, friendships, and other relationships (such as business relationships). Venus is about spreading happiness and kindness, while teaching us how to love and be appreciative of others and what we have.

Thanks to the energy of Venus, we look attractive and attract others. Connecting with others is important to this planet. Beauty is also strongly linked to Venus. Art (music, dance, theater and literature, etc.) and a sense of aesthetic decline is in Venus realm.

Venus wants us to let go of our emotions and immerse ourselves in the beauty of our world. The planet is inextricably linked to cultivation, culture, attraction and elegance. Venus also deals with the pleasure we derive from our assets. Luxury (jewelry, paintings, expensive cars), good food and drink, a beautiful house and a sense of cultivation all satisfy Venus’s interests. This planet wants us to understand the nature of things. This is a sensual world – not necessarily sexual – that Venus is interested in.

It takes 225 days for Venus to complete its orbit in the ecliptic; it is never more than 47 degrees from the sun. It is a feminine energy and governs both Taurus and Libra.