House of subconscious

The unconscious can help us build on our successes, as well as help us deal with our failures. Success vs. failure: Are we consciously facing our lives or subconsciously hiding everything according to the rug proverb? This house may be properly (skillfully) called an account clearing house, since it is at twelfth we review what we need to do (and what we have done) and decide where we are going. Along with these unconscious thoughts, we also deliberately act on the strengths and weaknesses of the public.

Our subconscious works hard on our part to try to make sense in our lives. The game is a slow and long shadow, often accompanied by fear and pain. In the context of our grief, our suffering and secrets keep us away from others. Finally, we are faced with our destiny: well, here we face the results of everything we have done. This puts more focus on restraint programs. What has shaped our lives? This is a key question from 12th house, and we will deal with it both consciously and unconsciously. Will the answers make us transform or rebirth? The way we move forward – this is another foundation of the 12th house.

We can learn a lot from the unconscious. At its most authentic manifestation, we will be gracious. If we lear our lessons, both from past and present, we will move forward. The twelfth house compels us to follow a spiritual path as a contribution to positive growth. This is the last zodiac house, which also recognizes that we can limit emotion in life – stuck and constrained. For this reason, it is the house of the laws of prisons, hospitals, institutions, sanctuaries, and any space that restricts freedom. Despair and frustration appear most often in the twelfth house in the form of danger, secret enemies, and hidden affairs. be careful!

While some may condemn (scandal) the 12th house as a trash can of the zodiac, it is truly an unfair phrase. Ultimately, this house is a champion of positive developments. It is here that we stand on the precipice and decide how to proceed. Looking at the subconscious and meeting with the past, we begin to summarize what is to come in the future. The twelfth house is ruled by Pisces and the planets of Jupiter and Neptune.