?To be an employee or a business owner – Which One is suitable

❇️ Choosing between being an employee and a business owner is crucial and is an important decision in life. Based on the power of the planet on your birth chart, logical analysis will help you choose the best choice between being an en and a profession. In summary, aspects of the birth chart that follow will be analyzed by astrology in order to find the best fit between employee and business owner.

❇️ Reviewing the Birth Chart from its Astrology Aspects: It has always been observed that a strong astrology strongly supports a person in matters of business and profession. Typically, weakness and injury to the first home server of the birth chart may encourage a person to choose a safer option, such as a job.

❇️ Tenth House Checklist: A strong tenth house is very helpful in blessing one’s life with early and easy successes in their professional endeavors. Usually the relationship of the tenth house with the second, fifth, eighth and eleventh houses is important in the desire for jobs, skills and talent in a profession, and if there is also a powerful third house server, one is looking for an independent career as a business.

❇️ Third house review and analysis of the birth chart: In addition to the 10th house, reviewing and analyzing the third house on the birth chart is also very important in choosing the best career choice between the employee and the business. An analysis of the birth chart shows that a weak third home may prevent one’s own initiatives for starting an independent business. While a damaged third home may make one overconfident and make the wrong choice and go into independent business.

❇️ Review and analysis of the fifth house from the birth chart: The fifth house of the birth chart is also considered with knowledge, education, intelligence, understanding and intuition, superior positions, and easy financial gain through conjecture calculations. An analysis of the birth chart shows that a poor fifth home can cause financial losses due to wrong decisions and may also lead to over-speculation.

❇️ Checking and analyzing the seventh house from the birth chart: Weakness or injury in part of the seventh house can cause problems in professional relationships and business partnerships. Typically, planets for the seventh show how bargains, merchandise, and services such as stores, exhibitions, and freelance work are.

❇️ The nature of the planets involved: While trying to decipher the right choice between employee and business jobs, it is important to examine and analyze the birth chart from the perspective of the nature and nature of the planets involved. The royal planets of the sun and the moon provide good opportunities to launch an independent business. Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Quito signify superior positions in society and in the profession when they are strong and in good standing. The powerful Jupiter, Mercury and Venus tend to be independent professionals and skilled in it.

❇️ Partition Chart Performance: In analyzing the birth chart, relevant segmentation charts such as D-9 and D-10 are also important in deciding the best choice between a job and a business. If the planets are weak on the D-9 or D-10 in this regard, this can disrupt professional efforts and may have a negative or unbearable effect on your business or business.

❇️ Planetary Period Performance Impact: Reviewing and analyzing a birth chart to identify a planetary period may sometimes inactivate all the signs that are evident in your birth chart. The effectiveness of a planet on your birth chart works by activating the Dasha / Antarash function of the planet concerned. During a negative and unbroken planetary period, even a strong and desirable planetary position in professional matters may not be able to help a person achieve good results. While sometimes, when a powerful and desirable planetary Dasha / Antaras is activated, even weak planetary positioning can help a person succeed in a care or business

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