House of Communication

In this house, there is a great deal of communication between the individual and his relatives: brothers and sisters, as well as neighbors. While communication here can be both written and oral, it also has a conscious quality. Think about ghost of your relative and mental communication. This is sufficient for the role of information in the third house.

Information, as we have seen, is the analytical ability that one has in one’s environment, especially useful in understanding things and sensitivity. We use this information to help ourselves operate effectively in our world and with those in it. The third house reminds us that in order to build our own path, it is good to use our conscious skills just as we use our intellectual intelligence. A symbiotic relationship with our close ones is also part of the program. Do not forget that our minds are powerful, fast and skilled. Some things will be well measured, others will be almost involuntary. The solution is to maximize the sum of our potential.

Elementary education, effective training on how to think and communicate, as well as short trips, are covered by the third house. Again, the approximate nature of the trip implies the nature of the third house manus: those we know well, in our environment, holding this environment firmly.

Taking advantage of our information and sharing it effectively with others is the essence of the third house. How are we at our best with others, often the ones we love the most? Will our actions for the environment and our planet be right all the time? These new forms provide the emergence of information gathering, including computers. Will they disrupt or create communication in the way we know it? The questions raised by the third house can be answered by listening to that house: thinking, processing, sharing.

The third house is ruled by the house of Gemini and Mercury.