The Moon: govern emotions

Since the Moon is the closest planet to Earth, it orbits around the ecliptic and completes its orbit in less than a month. It also touches us deeper than many planets.

As the ruler of the tide, it is appropriate that the Moon should govern our emotions. Are the waters still deep? Are waves created? A source of emotion? Yes, our emotions have long been described by the sea: fluid, dangerous, and moving inward. The mood swings, instincts, how we feel about things and how our emotions affect others are all affected by the Moon. As the Sun gives us life, this is the Moon that gives us the spirit. The Moon is like a goddess in symbolizing the mother and the relationship between woman and child. The planet (also known as celestial mass) implies the woman in the lives of people and their role as breeder. Fertility, pregnancy and giving birth are also governed by the Moon. We see the silver glow of our moon from the first moments of our lives, when we are embraced and caressed by our mother and feel her gentle touch. Our emotions reveal themselves through our existence and set the tone of our daily lives. Moon is in favor of this chain, one moment to interpret us as vital and the next moment as fragile. We are up or down, evil or noble and may laugh or cry out loud. Through the energy of the moon, we work to reconcile these diverse emotions in order to perfect ourselves and integrate with the world. The moon also helps us to understand what we want, and to use memory and past as part of the process.

The Moon spends almost 2.5 days in each tower, and it takes 28 days to travel the entire ecliptic. This energy is female and governs Cancer.