The effects of a weak Mercury on birth chart

عطارد جیوتیش چارت تولد

If Mercury was in a damaged state at the time of your birth, there may be problems such as speech problems, allergies, skin and respiratory diseases, speech skill and shyness. Of course, placement of Mercury in different houses of chart will cause various damage.

What is the status of Mercury on your birth chart?

A troubled Mercury planet can also negatively affect your ability to speak, read and write. Mercury actually controls our ability to analyze and reason. Mercury also governs our emotional intelligence. The weakest state of Mercury occurs when it is placed in the Pisces, which can lead to many problems such as high integrity, lying trait, respiratory problems and skin diseases.

On the other hand, a powerful Mercury, which is located in Virgo, exerts a great deal of power in speaking, communication, counseling, writing abilities, numerical abilities, accounting, reading and commerce.

As a conclusion, we have to say that Mercury is very important nowadays, because there are two important issues that are potentially affecting the planet. The first one is communications which is very important nowadays and the second one is technology-centric capabilities. It is because, for example, the status of Mars was more important in ancient times because most things were physical, and Mars’ weakness directly affected one’s quality of life. But now, Mercury and its related issues are the most important potential on the birth chart.

There are many ways to improve this planet. We have achieved many positive results over the years, and now the therapies are divided into two. First, astrological therapies such as the use of appropriate stones and mantras. Secondly the proprietary strategies that we have gained through years of experience with many clients such as writing on Wednesdays and exercises that logically enhance the flow of the planet.

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