The effects of a weak Mars on birth chart

مریخ مارس چارت تولد

If Mars is in a weak state at the moment of your birth, it will cause problems for you. These problems vary from physical weakness and over-adaptation of the stimulus to blood diseases.

Over the years of analyzing numerous charts, I have seen most people who are addicted or have tendency to nicotine and any stimulus, Mars is having trouble on their birth chart. It actually is natural because that person needs an exciter to feel alright.

Conversely, if Mars is powerful at the moment of birth, it will give you strength, cohesion, courage, and boldness. It will give you the body to be productive. If there is only one planet that can compensate for the weakness of the damaged sun, it is surely Mars. When Mars is in its best tower, Tower 2 (Capricorn – Jedi), it will show its best in person. This person can be a professional athlete and a surgeon at the same time. It can be both a doctor and a lawyer.

When Mars is in the fourth tower namely Cancer, it is at the worst possible position. In fact, Mars is a soldier and a warrior; therefore, it is exactly like putting a soldier in the kitchen. There is nothing he can do.

If Mars is damaged on your birth chart, it can lead to problems such as anger control, sex addiction, weak body, internal fears in the person and problems in sex life.

The improvement of the planet depends on the person’s birth chart. in fact, it has to be checked whether it is damaged. And if damaged, it caused problems for the marriage house or the social life house. Therapy can be provided after analyzing the planet and the periods in which it is active.

How do I know if my Mars planet is damaged or not?

Let professor Soroush Dehghan analyze your birth chart

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