The client of birth chart number 291

We mentioned the importance of time periods before. In each time period of your life, the energy of a planet is ruling, and this can ctreate some limits for you. It also can make it easy to achieve some success. In analyzing birth chart, after some basic explaination, we discuss ruling planet, the limitations and strength. Simetimes threats are abvious in these energies and you are prevented. In this consultation, he asked about bussiness and specific issues, and it was answered by using his birth chart. Fortunately, he was lucky and didn’t get in trouble.

In whatever position you are, your birth chart is the key to achieving deep secrets of your life. And like a map, it helps you find your way to achieve your goal. You can avoid making mistakes about choosing your study major, profession, marriage and relationship by knowing your potentials well.

What is ruling your chart?

Are you going to start a new business?

What is your true talent and potential?

Consultation with professor Soroush Dehghan.

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