house of jobs and situation social

This is about the position we have acquired in our social grouping (work or profession) and in society as a whole. Think about the situation, the power it has, and therefore the role we have in our society. It also talks about any promotion we receive, any reputation we may have or will have, and the types of businesses and social activities and partnerships we share. As it progresses, it focuses on how we see ourselves and how society sees us (and our efforts) as a whole. Through this house, we work on expressing ourselves.

Jobs in the tenth house are important. What role will we choose and how well will we do it? How much do we want to achieve? Jobs, career goals, ambitions and motivation all play a role here. In a more practical context, the work of their rulers and their laws is covered here, just as any other organization (in particular the government) is capable of governing us. During the course of our lives we face the challenge of governing others, although in general there will be someone to rule us.

The prestige and social status that we are given by virtue of our careers and professions can be tangibly manifested in the form of high self-esteem. How we manage it is determined by the tenth house. This may be the most difficult eraser of financial rewards in our consumer society; surprisingly, the spirit may age more rapidly.

The question of how we manage these blessings, and the conditions that accompany them, is important to this house. Are we really using our power properly to help society, or are we being reckless? We all mobilize to achieve large-scale social success or to help the community at large. It is also worth noting that many of our successes come from the community, not in a void (outside of society).

One’s relationship with a group and society is also important in the tenth house. To improve and make an impact, we need to have a sense of real kinship; a passionate determination to change anything (toys, things). In this way, we will achieve a social status that is truly valuable. Finally, by focusing on the rulers, he addresses the tenth house of the father, who are generally more authoritarian parents. The tenth house is ruled by Capricorn and Saturn.