Surid Academy

Dear friends, Astrolab is proud to announce the Surid Academy project to you dears, over the years thousands of consulting cases have been reviewed by Astrolab and we have managed to provide you with a quality service at a 93% customer satisfaction rate.

Having an independent online academy with your cooperation that can formulate a new concept in meta-phonology and all areas of personal growth has always been a concern for the Astrolabe Group, so months ago we decided to build and develop an online educational platform.

As an advantage of using this platform is to see high-speed training courses without the need for download, continuous liaison with professors, evaluation tests and synchronization with all mobile devices, tablets and computers. We are trying to perform a high-quality training via this platform just like our consulting services.

The project will open in the coming days and some 100% off (totally free) discount codes will be given to the very first people, to join existing courses.

To find out more about opening news and discount codes, please subscribe to the Academy Telegram channel.

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