The Sun: It gives life as it shines

خورشید سان سوریا جیوتیشThis planet (also known as a celestial body and a star) represents the self, the personality of the individual, the soul, and everything that creates the oneness of the individual. This is our identity and our outlook on the world. The sun also signifies the creative abilities and individual power to face the challenges of everyday life. The father of men, husbands, and other males are ruled by the sun, as are children. The sun’s energy is strong, followed by authority, leadership and inner essence. At this planet’s will, we learn to express ourselves in the world.

The sun is glorious, and, in conjunction with its royal air, reigns supreme. It also rules our health and well-being. The golden glow of the sun is a vital life force that saturates us with power, energy and the will to succeed. It is the sun that gives power to other planets, which is why it has a key role in astrology.

The sun takes about a month to meet each tower, and it takes one year to travel all 12 zodiac constellations in ecliptic. This energy is male and it is ruled by Leo.