Summary of the chart of client 290

نمونه چارت تولد اسطرلاب جیوتیش

At the moment you were born, the magnetic energy of the planets has had a profound effect on your body and psyche, and our work at Vedic Astrology is to measure these potentials. Looking at this client’s chart, we will tell you about the importance of Venus and Mercury planets in art.

Planet Venus as the owner and ruler of the energies of artistic prosperity plays an important role directly and indirectly in your artistic energies and abilities. You may start art without having the powerful Venus planet, but we can say that the chances of success are very low, and in fact, Venus will not allow you to enter its world! In fact, when Venus is in power like this birth chart, the person with the style will have the talent and creativity in the arts.

Our next planet is the Mercury which plays an important role in singing or whatever that is related to sound. If it is in power, it has powerful potentials from singing to writing, scriptwriting, beautiful voice, the talent to compose. On this chart, both of these planets came together and were in power, and of course, his career and life were mixed with art.

In terms of the time periods, this planet was in ruling moon period. We talked about the effects of the planet, the potential for trouble and the potential for events during this period, and the therapies were suggested, and all tine periods were fully analyzed.

What were you born for?

What is your real potential and talent?

Are you on the right track?

Consultation with professor Soroush Dehghan – The best Persian Vedic Astrologer

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