Summary of Client’s Chart 285

نمونه چارت تفسیر جیوتیش سروش دهقان

The status of the planets on the chart shows your potential and actual talents. On this birth chart, many planets are in powerful condition. Mars on a 0 degree, gave him physical strength and ability to succeed in the field of sports.

Entering the planet of Mercury since July 3, 2008, had made great changes to his chart, and this has led to study, development of abilities, and success in his field of study and life. The important issue to consider is if we choose study field based on weakness and strength of planets, we can be sure that we will succeed. For example, in his chart, the Sun which is related to the ability of management and medicine, is in a weak position. In fact, this person is generally having problem with managing even little thibgs in his life. Now imagine this person study management. Everything turnes into a mess, the inner order of your life and the intelligent world’s order will be disturbed. Fortunately, he had made the right choices.

We also talked about his current time period, that what is ahead since December 2016, how to get the best results and treat the damaged planets.

Would you like to know what the status of the moon and other planets are on your birth chart?

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