Summary of Chart 295

Life is all like the labyrinth we are always striving to master and become happy. consciousness plays a vital role because the way to master, the ability to endure hard days, and the right choices, always depends on one’s consciousness. When we speak of destiny, we mean the magnetism and external influences that exist on us from the cosmos.

The birth chart is the karmic map of your life. Surely in order to get the best version of your being, you definitely need to be aware of it and know what threats, weaknesses and strengths exist in your labyrinth, and what to do, what field and what kind of relationship is right for you.

But on this birth chart, the life of this person has been in Ketu period since March 2010 to March 2016, and it was in dark time. There were many hardships and losses in the life of the chart owner. In March 2016, his life entered the era of the powerful planet Venus, the house of income and achievements was activated, the hardships ended and a much better era began for him. attending and succeeding in this period encouraged him to make a change in his profession and marriage. During the conversation about the opportunities of this era, we discussed the best time to make a move and healing the damaged planets.

Where are you in the labyrinth of life?

Can awareness of birth chart change your life?

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