Summary of chart 284

نمونه چارت استاد سروش دهقان

When you were born, an arrangement was in the sky, and this arrangement of the planets affects the quality of your moral character and life. In fact, in Jyotish science, we have seven planets, and each planet rule on an specific issue. If one planet is damaged, the related power in your life will be in trouble, and of course the physical part related to the planet will also suffer an illness.

The planet Mars is related to physical strength and blood diseases.

Sun is related to confidence, management and eye diseases.

Mercury is related to the ability of communication, theology, writing and diseases of the skin and breathing.

Jupiter is related to balance, ethics, optimism, liver disease and diabetes.

Saturn is related to tact, kniwledge, bone diseases and Headache.

Venus is related to emotional life and sexual diseases.

Moon is related to mental condition, diseases of hormones, thyroid, breasts and mental problems

In our chart, which is, by the way, a very powerful chart, the planet of the moon is plagued by problems with Rahu, causing fluctuations in one’s mind. These fluctuations have a profound effect on one’s life. during conversations, we discussed these effects and talked about the time periods of the impact, the trace of effects, and the therapies to deal with these problems.

Which planets on your chart have been damaged?

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