Success in stock trading from the perspective of Geotechnical knowledge and the birth chart

Trading (or so-called “trading”) is very popular in stocks, commodities, traditional currencies and nowadays crypto currencies. This popularity is because this way you can get good financial profit in a relatively short period of time. However, earnings from stock market trading depend on many factors. These include financial strength, ability to deal with stress, mental health, and having the technical and fundamental knowledge of trading and investing, as well as gaining experience in this type of business.

However, despite the factors that we have considered, “good luck” is still generally important for success in stock trading or market trading. Birth chart analysis can be used to know how much of a person has a good chance of enjoying success in stock and market trading. The fifth house of the birth chart as well as the position of Mercury will be analyzed in this context. In addition, the role of second and eleventh houses and their hosts, and the power of the horoscope, should also be taken into account.

The performance of desirable and happy planetary periods on the birth chart can be a good and a hassle for the person concerned. Conversely, if the planets and associated houses on a birth chart of a weak and damaged person are in existence and the main period or submarine of an unbroken and destructive planet is in operation, one may find himself in the face of the best and best efforts and knowledge. Loss of capital and failure to see deals.
و Reviewing and analyzing the birth chart From a Geotechnical perspective, it can be very helpful in this regard and you can gauge your expectations about the financial results of stock market trading from some of the signs on the birth chart.

▫️ To better understand birthday chart analysis from the perspective of stock trading, we examine two birth charts.

1. The first chart belongs to a person who was badly damaged in the stock market and went bankrupt in 1996.
In this birth chart, the server is Mercury’s fifth house. This server (Mercury) has gone to the twelfth house and is located with the sun, the fourth house server. Mercury also ruled the second house and suffered damage, of course. The eleventh house server is Jupiter, who is also in the ninth house of this birth chart and is badly damaged. Joining Saturn in terms of the chance to gain financial gain and wealth is unbearable and harmful. By that time in 1996, Mahadashi Keito had just started performing on the person’s birth chart. Mahadashai’s performance on a nameless and destructive planet and poor planetary positioning in relation to financial gains through stock market trading and trading led to disaster.

2. The second birth chart we analyze here belongs to a stock broker who also suffered great financial losses in stock market trading. The fifth house server is Jupiter, which is very good on the birth chart and powerful. The second house was occupied by Saturn’s nameless and destructive planet and Saturn is the eleventh house server. Mercury is hurting. The ninth house server, the moon, has gone to the sixth house.
During the Mahadashai month, this person repeatedly incurred significant financial losses through repeated trades in the stock market. Mahadashai’s performance weakened and Saturn’s damage to the second and eleventh houses on the broker’s birth chart led to his financial bankruptcy.

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