Study of sleep disorder through birth chart analysis

insomnia! This negative phrase is getting more and more popular among people, and eventually we get asked a lot of questions when dealing with people. Insomnia is a type of sleep disorder that can simply be referred to as a sleep problem or when people have trouble sleeping. There are several reasons for insomnia. Factors such as stress, anxiety, or some specific health problems can cause sleep disturbances. Sometimes the nature of a person or the type of work that he or she is doing may cause the habit of work to develop late and cause sleep disturbance.

Regardless of the causes or conditions that cause sleep disturbance or insomnia, this creates problems in both the physical and mental areas. A person with insomnia may not be able to analyze issues; may remain under constant pressure; may be expeditious or make high-risk gambling decisions; and may also suffer from other physical ailments Win. Once identified and discovered, the ideal approach is to seek appropriate medical treatment for any type of sleep disorder and insomnia. Some secondary tips or tips can also be magic tips. However, these guidelines should only be complementary and should always be given priority in medical treatment. Tips like using precious stones to support Happy Planets with special benefits can only serve as a complement to medical advice.


Although the identification of these cases is not yet clear, it can still be said that there are a number of acceptable criteria for identifying such traits in a birth chart and taking into account indicative factors in this context (such as the likelihood or probability of a nightmare or Insomnia or other sleep disorders) will certainly be of benefit to anyone. With this study, you can take precautionary measures before these disorders occur, or you may notice early symptoms and take appropriate medical care at the right time.

What are the different indicators to identify the likelihood of sleep disorder on a birth chart?

Twelfth House – Among other things, the Twelfth House also represents dreams and dreams. A twelfth house that is well placed on the planets and strong, makes for a good sleep and other bed-related pleasures. While a weak or damaged twelfth house can lead to insomnia or other sleep disorders.

First Home – The first home that is powerful and has an appropriate planetary position and the server is strong and happy, brings health and strength in many ways. These include a balanced and powerful mind. Therefore, if your first home or server is weak and disrupted, it may lead to sleep disorders in addition to other health issues. The impact of the Eighth or Twelfth house server on the first house or its server, or the location of the first house server on the eighth or twelfth house, should be considered. In order to determine the degree and extent of the negative and unbearable impact, the impact of supportive and positive planets on the birth chart must also be examined.

The moon – the moon is considered to be an important factor that represents the mind and the emotions. Also, the position of the moon is an essential factor in the study to determine the likelihood of sleep disorder. Sometimes a severely damaged month (regardless of the strength and position of other related planets) can cause sleep problems. The Moon’s Zodiac Signs, Saturn’s Impact, or Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) on the Moon; The Eighth house server’s influence on the Moon, or the Moon’s eighth house, must be considered. Also, the location of the moon or its relation to the 12th house may also cause sleep problems. However, it is more likely to occur when other related aspects are impaired. For example, if the first house server is in the eighth house, then moon in the 12th house can cause sleep disturbance; or if the 12th house lord is weak or damaged, the 12th month in the 12th house may cause sleep problems.

Fourth House – Aside from the above, the Fourth House also indicates comfort / peace of mind and the distressed and damaged situation of the Fourth House or its server may cause discomfort or problems related to Psychic / Home Relief. This in turn causes insomnia or other sleep disorders. Sometimes the damaged and unmarked situation of the fourth house, despite the strong and good position of the first house, the twelfth house or the month, can cause sleep problems. Although this aspect (the location of the fourth house) is not usually considered for sleep problems, it has been identified through practical experience that this is one of the factors that can lead to insomnia.

Tenth House – Tenth House is primarily about business and success. However, given the current day-to-day routine of living in the present tense, a tensed and damaged home may also be deprived of sleep. For example, the nature of a job may cause a person to wake up at night and engage in activities that may gradually lead to insomnia. Also, someone may be under work stress and this can lead to their sleep disorder. Problems with sleep disturbances due to the weakness of the tenth house usually occur temporarily in a person’s nature, unless there are other factors.

Important Note – It seems that the above factors should be considered on a temporary basis with respect to the position associated with the Navamsha division chart. The likelihood of sleep disturbances will be proportional to the number and extent of damage in the cases listed above. For example, if two or more aspects are damaged, the likelihood of sleep disturbance is also high. In addition, the performance of the active dashboard may also play a role. For example, even a moderate level of weakness and injury can cause insomnia or other sleep problems if the planet’s unbroken and destructive course function is active.

Examination and analysis of birth chart Example 1 from the perspective of sleep disorder

On this sample birth chart, Moon is in a bad sixth house position. The 12th house server, Jupiter, was also damaged by Ketu in the 9th house on the Lagna chart. The Lagna server, Saturn, is damaged and destroyed in the fourth house. The server of the tenth house, Venus, is transcendent, but is affected by the alliance with the damaged railroad and the client’s attitude toward it. The fourth house server, Mars, has a strong placement in the eleventh house on the Lagna chart, but is still affected by the Sun’s attitude (which is the eighth house server). Saturn’s attitude toward the first house and the moon provides some protection. In addition, Venus’s admiration for Mars and its mark is also supportive.

Therefore, there are various and synthetic effects here, but the overall shape of planetary positions indicates the possibility and probability of sleeping problems. This person had trouble sleeping. In addition, her work nature has led her to work regularly and repeatedly at night.

Examination and analysis of birth chart Example 2 from the perspective of sleep disorder

In the birth chart of the second example, Mercury occupies its sign in the 12th house of the Lagna chart and also joins the sun and Jupiter. The only problem with Mercury is its sun-damaged condition.

Moon (also the first house lord) is in the fifth house damaged and affected by the destructive attitude of Ketu in the ninth house. Also, Venus in the first house is also affected by Ketu’s destructive attitude. As a result, Ketu (first house), first house lord (moon) and fourth house server were damaged by Quito, while Logna lord (ie moon) was also damaged. The fourth house is influenced by Saturn’s attitude (damaged by Mars through its alliance), which is more likely to lead to Venus (the fourth house lord) being damaged.

Therefore, almost all sleep-related factors on this birth chart have problems with Mercury’s least problem (which is still in a better position due to its sign and also being a planetary friend and patron).

Here, if we try to analyze the situation based solely on the location of the 12th house, we may not easily be able to decide on sleep disorders and related issues, but if we also consider other relevant factors ( As we said before), everything is clear and we can detect sleep problems in this person.

The chart belongs to an American comedian named Mike Birbiglia, who suffers from a condition called RBD (Sleep Disorder) which is a type of sleep disorder that causes one to act abnormally during sleep. Also, Mike suffers from physical injuries because of his sleep disorder that led to him jumping out the window.

Examination and analysis of birth chart Example 3 from the perspective of sleep disorder

This birth chart has cancer cure and you can easily see that the severity of the damage to the features associated with sleep disorders is enormous. The twelfth house is troubled by the alliance of Ketu and Saturn, while the twelfth house, Mercury, is badly placed in the eighth house of the Lagna chart. As the Lagna lord, the moon has a bad placement in the sixth house under the influence of Saturn’s alliance and attitude. This person suffers from “narcolepsy” disease as a result of related professional problems. Despite the good position of Venus and Mars (respectively, the tenth and fourth house lords, respectively), the negative and unbearable effects are concentrated on the moon and the twelfth house, causing sleep problems.

In today’s modern world, where life goes by so fast that there is not enough time and space for personal affairs, it is certainly helpful to get any indication of the possibility of sleep disorder. A person who has such a problem can pay particular attention to these symptoms at an early stage and begin appropriate medical advice at the appropriate time.

As mentioned earlier, the role of astronomical therapies is secondary or complementary. However, the use of astronomical remedies can be helpful in enhancing the efficacy and effectiveness of medical treatment. After identifying the major causes of sleep-related problems, appropriate treatment measures can be used to reduce the impact of unmarked and destructive planets.

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