House of Diseases

Keeping your body healthy is the ability to cope with adversity, and this is a constant loop in the sixth house. As human beings, we naturally have shortcomings. What will we do with them? How do we respond to a personal crisis? Crises, illness and misery are all part of our earth journey. How do we deal with these conditions and the lessons they always remind us to help us define who we are?

Our fears may hold us back, but if we can cope with them, and come out stronger, we may learn a valuable lesson about service or what our life’s work should be. Work and service in the sixth house are in the spotlight. The focus here is on employment (employers and employees), education, those who serve us (along with those we serve), and those who depend on us. It is also important to keep ourselves strong throughout these efforts here, which is why this house focuses more on health (good and bad), diet, fitness and health.

For what we do in life, what we do for ourselves is vital. Duty, responsibility and personal growth all help to create a fully realized existence. We also work for others as we work for ourselves; we serve those who need us, including ourselves. There will be times when crises of health or faith will stand in our way of achieving our best self. At that time, we must strive to heal ourselves (again, this house focuses on health) so that we can return to work to realize our full potential to serve our world.

The sixth house also includes daily living behaviors: What will I wear today? Do I need to trim my hair? Has the dog been given food? These simple things keep our engines running and enable us to do more important work on our own. This is a quintessential quilt: the ability to serve others in health and work, both are valuable and fulfilling.