Six reasons why ypu should learn the knowledge of Jyotish today

1. To realize the intelligence of universe

There is an order in universe which knowing it can change ypur worldview. It can show you a different viewpoint of human being and their capability. By mastering the knowledge of Jyotish, you can reach the answer of any question. Ypu can analize the birth chart of your child as a mother or you can decide who to hire and what position to give him as abussiness owner.

2. Mastering potentials, strengths and weaknesses

Birth chart is like a map. Our job in Jyotish in to measure the potentials. Birth chart is the karmic map of your soul, nd by analizing it, you can master this map, and know when to do something or wether you should do it at all.

3. Analizing your chart, ypur family’s and your children’s

If you wan to give your beloved child a present, maybe it is time to discover your child’s problems or diseases and prevent them, send him/her to classes for his/her true talent and, in a word, make your child happy by analizing his/her birth chart.

4. Realizing health problems

In knowledge of Jyotish, you find out when a disease accurs, what kind of disease it is and when it ends by finding out the position of planets. You can find a solution to deal with the diseases. This part of Jyotish knowledge is known as medical astrology.

5. Realizing time period

In this rich and ancient knowledge, after drawing birth chart by an application, it calculates 120-year time period. So you can find out when you get married, when you buy a new house, when you will have babies, what your future husband’s/wife’s features are by analizing these time periods.

6. A powerful tool for self-knowledge

The knowledge of Jyotish is a very powerful spritual tool for self-knowledge. In fact, you can reach the deepest layers within you by drawing your birth chart and analizing its energy. The simplest example is that after mastering the basic concepts and knowing the planets, you can see that the reason why you have alway faild in professional sport in spite of your persistence was because of the damaged Mars.

After learning the kniwledge of Jyotish you can answer the questions on this page (12 house of chart). Click on each house to see the question.

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