Should I stay married?Will my marriage lead to divorce?

Should I stay married?

Will my marriage lead to divorce?

How is my relationship with my wife/husband?

What are the issues that can be problematic in our relationship?

In what months and years will problems arise?

How do I live my life after separation?

Living under one roof has always had its own challenges. Thousands of birth charts have been analyzed by us over the past 5 years. Important points and themes have emerged, which are covered in this article.

Your birth chart and, of course, the other person(having one’s birth information is enough) can show the kind of relationship and challenges facing your marriage life. In fact, the planet governing the marriage house in your destiny, if damaged, during its period, causes problems for you. They will be specified whether they are financial or sexual? About your relationship with your mother in law or another matter?

Ypur marriage is troubled, but don’t know if you should continue it?

It can be understood from your birth chart whether you have a happy marriage or not, whether it will lead to separation, and if so, when? Of course, our awareness raises a new question; when is the time for ???devorce?

The post-separation period is very important; how to spend it to get less damage. Because of the cultural structure in our country, it can be a time that causes a lot of damage. Analyzing birth chart allows us to know what time period we are in and how to finish it.

Example – A woman born in 1968

Due to privacy policy, complete information is not available.

The arrival of Rahu on May 23, 2016 led to the activation of the marriage house. Due to Saturn’s influence, the marriage was delayed. A few days after entering Rahu’s period, and in June, she was officially married. It should be remembered, however, that there are many mirages during Rahu period and people may look nice, but may not be nice inside. This complexity and activation led to the interpretation of the chart to discuss the causes and the status of the marriage. After examining the chart of the second person and the marriage house on his chart, the marriage, which is currently in the process of separation, until the end of Rahu period, October 2019, will lead to separation.

In this session, of course, we discussed the reasons for this separation, why it happened, what to do and all these issues.

What is the status of your marriage?

Specialized marriage/relationship counseling and birth chart review with professor Soroush Dehghan

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