Saturn: Planet of Destiny

Saturn does not make things easy. It plays the hard-working boss ecliptic. Saturn commands us to work hard. Discipline and responsibility are important to this planet, but it’s good if we’re still eager to conquer the world. Like the Father Time, Saturn asks us to look at the clock (the symbol of it, after all, is Cronus’ Scythe.) Is there time for all of what we want to do or are there limits? These limitations are important to Saturn, and we must learn to manage them. Limitations are very important for this planet, like any kind of discipline or delay.

As time goes on, Saturn manages aging with the lessons it teaches us. Teaching life lessons is the key for this planet to keep playing the role of the teacher. Adulthood also brings a special sense of formality and tradition (behavioral patterns we have learned) and knowledge with it, and Saturn is aware of these characteristics. This planet admires our perseverance and the fact that we have survived the test of time (yes, time comes again). This higher status brings with it a degree of authority and Saturn is well-versed in it.

The structure, the way we deal with the affairs of our lives are all ruled by this ring planet. It is also important to collect and control assets here. Finally, Saturn, again in its role as a teacher, is concerned with the fate and lessons that past experiences may bring.

It takes 28-30 years for Saturn to complete its orbit in the ecliptic. This energy is masculine and governs both Aquarius and Capricorn.