Reviewing Accounting and Jyotish Astrology

حسابداری چرا تولد آسترولوژي جیوتیش

Accounting and all its related majors have received a lot of attention in recent years. The crucial question is have you properly chosen Accounting, Business Management and all related majors? When will you succeed?

Thousands of birth charts have been examined by me up to this day, and in general, we can say that the status and quality of the planet Mercury is responsible for your intelligence and ability in such majors.

But that is not all. For those who need to work in the public sector, the condition of the sun is very important for their birth chart.

The most important houses in this analysis are:

Sixth house, second house, eighth house, tenth house, eleventh house, twelfth house.

Sixth house is house of accounting, daily working life, debt caution, things to pay or receive.

The second house is the house of money, funds, budget and banking.

The eighth house is the house of transaction of assets and money with others, such as paying tax and insurance.

The tenth house refers to the work environment and the great impact on the world.

Eleventh House is about great achievements, markets and financial organizations.

Twelfth house is the backstage work or dealing with multinational organizations

The position of the moon in this section is very important. Because the purpose is accounting, your mind must be able to understand the lines of arithmetic, mathematics and budgeting. I know people who have been accountants for months in Revati Nakshatra, as well as their disinterest in the accounting profession. Sometimes it is because other aspects of the planets and Desh Kaal Parta affect each other. Moon is creative in Nokatra. In this way, only art will succeed, and when it becomes indigenous, it will give a creative approach to other professions. The moon in Auschwitz, Kritika, Arda, Yonravasu, Chita, Swati, Otarabhadapa and Otara Palconi expresses interest in technology, mathematics and business analysis. There are many other things to consider in this analysis, which can be analyzed in detail after reviewing them all.

Can you answer the following questions by checking your birth chart in accounting or any other field?

Do I succeed in my chosen field?

Was my field choice right?

I want to change my study major and need some advice to make a decision

Do I succeed in my public or private job?

When do I get a promotion?

When will my job problems be resolved?

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