Relationship between astrology and different jobs

Are the kind of people who have trouble choosing the right job for themselve? Or always emphasize on jobs and activities and have the most profit for you? Do you ask yourself what kinds of job make me rich? Or what jobs need my skills? We review this issue in perspective of modern astrology. And those have their birth chart can see how successful they were in choosing the right job based on their talent according to vedic astrology. We try to point to the factors in a chart that are important and related to jobs and professions.

Teacher: well we start with the most important job. For teachers, a powerful Jupiter is very suitable because Jupiter is ruling education. Also the fourth house in the chart plays an impoetant role in quality of education. The fifth house which rules intelligence and children is very important.

Doctor: In this case, the placement of Jupiter is importan, too; and also Sun which rules medicine. The twelfth and tenth housees are so important.

Musican (jobs related to art): Venus is the planet of art, beauty and music. The fourth house is important. Also the third house in chart which is house of art and music should be in a powerful position. Experiences have proved that those who have the mentioned factors become successful. But those who have powerful Rahu, beside those factors are better to work in field of rock and heavey musics in order to achieve more success. Also a powerful Jupiter show an talent in classic musics.

Lawyer: Jupiter is a representor of law. So a powerful Jupiter is so important. Also ninth house in the chart is important. The sixth house is important too because it us the house of law court and quarrel, and it should be in a good position.

Architect: The fourth house is important because it represents house and land. Mars represents building skills and it is important to. And we should pay attention to Saturn because it represents land.

Manager: Sun which rules the ability to lead must be in a good position. Also the first, fifth and tenth houses are very important. Mars, the planet of potensial and energy should be paid attention, too.

Technical jobs: Mars, Ketu, Rahu and Saturn must be powerful because they are unpleasant. Also one of them must be have a connection with Mercury.

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