Planets and their spiritual connection

The Sun – A higher spiritual knowledge

This is where we find your unstable part. . . Deep, steady force. This planet enables you to apply the will, make the decision, and guide all other parts of your life. This is your physical plane, your body, your life force. You are alive when you can build something higher than yourself. Biologically the planet is health, energy, heart, bloodstream – body, cell.

2. Moon – Emotional recognition above itself

Our emotional responses are based on past experiences. It is also linked to past life energy patterns. This planet is your psyche and your emotions. Biologically, fertility, body fluids, serum blood, lymph (cerebellum) are your planet.

Mercury – the physical and mental acceptance of divine wisdom

It is our capacity to collect, classify, and transfer the knowledge you gain through your experiences. It analyzes and is unnecessary. Biologically, it is the brain (speech and hearing nerves).

4. Novus – the physical and mental acceptance of divine love

Venus is our ability to absorb and appreciate things in the physical world, even if they are emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. Many of them define the type of people you are dedicated to. In cosmology, charm, love, intimate acquaintances, sex. Biologically, the products are lymph nodes (kidneys, veins).

5. Mars – Spiritual and emotional creativity of divine love

Mars expresses its desire and desire for the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual things that stimulate activity. We must always want something before we can reach it. In cosmology, there is activity, work, struggle, strife, separation (through hostility). Biologically, body heat, muscle, sexual function.

6. Client – Spiritual and emotional creativity of divine wisdom

The customer demonstrates their improvement demand through total participation. He wants us to look at our lives. Some say luck and success. Biologically, organ, blood and nutritional functions are obesity, liver, mud.

7. Saturn – physical and mental acceptance of divine will

These rules are the boundaries and limitations set by the working community. I also see that it can stabilize. Saturn is our greatest teacher. In cosmology, limitation, backwardness, flexibility, separation are in the sense of leaving. Biologically, bone structure is the process of hardening, stone formation, loss of organs

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