House of Philosophy

In this regard, our search is for the focal point here. As we explore our world, we begin to understand everything that is available to us. All the excitement is to understand: what we see and feel, and to explore more in the hope of realizing the true meaning.

Through higher education, we hope to understand the concepts and theories that will enhance our world. Whether philosophically or psychologically, the Ninth House reminds us that we are on a journey of discovery. Along the way, we face our aspirations and shape our morals. Another approach is to get a clearer understanding of life, and more importantly, a clearer understanding of the unknown through spirituality. Understanding and accepting that being greater than ourselves and our world is the key to the ninth house.

Unfortunately, we may not always be humble about what we have. A tangible understanding of the possibilities in life may lead to brutal ambition and greed, and over-expansion. In order to deal effectively with these evils, in society, we make laws. These laws provide for the orderly and positive growth of society. In a more similar way, philosophy and religion help to add focus and purpose to a productive society. How members of a community relate to each other, and knowing and respecting the laws they live with, are central to the Ninth House.

The way in which we extend our inner and outer lives is also determined by the ninth house. Traveling and interacting with other peoples and cultures is a means to this end. Our dreams – those that tell us about the past as well as those that speak about future events – also help shape our existence and our relationships. A step further, psychology also comes into play as relevant information.

In addition, the ninth house comprises publishing and multinational investments such as import / export business. The house also has a multi-generational perspective including offspring as well as causal relatives. At the end of the day, however, the ninth house is best described as a philosophical desire to search for meaning and truth. The ninth house is ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter.