Mars: Planet of Love

Mars is planet of action in ecliptic. The “Red Planet” after all, must be very fiery and Mars will not disappoint. It is energy, love, drive and determination in the Martian realm. This planet sitting on the margins of somewhere far in the sky, commands you (and yes, Mars rules the army) to stand up, be seen and get things done. Simply, Mars commands the power and self-esteem of the individual. Ambition and competition are also on Mars. Whether at work or in games, Mars encourages us to meet our challenges and be better. The attack is part of the plan here, though Mars is also value the courage and honor. The daring and fearless nature of people satisfies the planet.

It is important to note that Mars energy can be destructive. Mars, the god of war in ancient time, can be brutally violent. While this energy is still emitted from the planet, it wants us to harness it. Endurance, ambition and success are all part of the Martian anthem. Mars rules our sexuality and our sexual energy. It also rules weapons, incidents and anatomy (the last two reflecting Yin and Yang in the nature of this planet). In the end, however, Mars energy can be very useful if used correctly.

For Mars, it takes nearly two years to complete its orbit in ecliptic. This energy is masculine and governs Aries and Scorpio.