Jupiter: Planet of Luck

Jupiter is planet of a thoughtful person. As the guardian of the abstract mind, the planet commands higher education and gives us a passion for exploring ideas, both rationally and spiritually. Jupiter will help us formulate our ideology with a reasonable command. In a more spiritual realm, Jupiter rules over religions and philosophy. Searching for answers is what Jupiter proposes, if that means searching the world inch by inch to find them. It’s probably why Jupiter also commands long distance trips. In this respect, Jupiter compels us to evaluate our moral and spiritual values; it also determines our sense of optimism. Luck and happiness are with Jupiter for good reason. It is a kind and benevolent planet that wants us to grow in a positive way. Jupiter may be a judge and a jury, but mostly a respectable spouse, making sure we are on the right track. Since our success, progress, and happiness are all in Jupiter’s domain, this kind of forgiveness can sometimes lead to laziness. (Jupiter, at its worst, will bring overweight). However, Jupiter will lead us to joy.

Leisure is also one of the Jupiter’s hobbies. Sports of all kinds, games of chance and walking in the park with pets (Jupiter loves animals) are all ruled by this planet. Finally, Jupiter often foretells great wealth, materials and other things and is a good friend in the sky!

It takes about 12 years for the Jupiter to travel around the ecliptic (the planet meets one constellation on average in a year). This energy is masculine and governs Sagittarius and the Pisces.