Jung and Astrology

“Astrology is the result of gathering all the knowledge of psychology from ancient times.”
Professor Carl Gustav Jung

”Most of the time, we believe that our“ real self ”is in our personal myth; in the story of our lives. However, I think this is wrong, especially when we are confronted with our own dramatic issues. I believe we are bigger than “The Story of Our Lives” and Professor Carl Gustav Jung believed so. He infiltrated the subconscious, both personal and collective, and realized that we were richer and deeper than we know. He realized that we were not as small as the stories of our lives; and yet I believe this is an interesting fact that we have never cared about it as a matter of fact. ”
Elizabeth Spring

Jung believed that we can know ourselves and heal our souls through rediscovery and communication with the spiritual world, and therefore we are connected to the symbols of this world. According to Jung, our soul speaks this language of images by dreams and by spiritual symbols. Astrological planets are spiritual symbols, and our birth charts are maps of “our souls” that can illuminate the connection between the conscious and the unconscious.

By understanding symbols in our subconscious, through dreams, or through planetary communication on our birth chart, we can take steps to eliminate our forced, repetitive, or “default” behavior patterns and break that framework. Astrologers believe that the subconscious patterns of the individual remain as “seals” (which can be analyzed on the birth chart); Astrologers believe this is reflected in planetary signs that coincide with the moment you are born in the sky. Alice Howell reminds us: “Symbolic thinking is the key to wisdom.”
In today’s psychology, Carl Jung’s image is often repeated as “the great wise man.” He guides us on certain paths, as he says: “… Look at your dreams, look at the images that exist in your subconscious and in the subconscious, look at astrology.”
Carl Jung was not a perfect teacher or man; he was a product of his time and culture. However, he was wise enough to say: “The laws of love govern where there is no dominion over power, and power overwhelms where love is lacking. One of them is in the other shadow. “(From:” In the subconscious psychology “)
Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud were psychiatrists and theorists who were also ambitious men. Freud advised Jung not to go into the world of astrology because it could ruin his reputation as a credible and scientific researcher, but he did. (Also, Ira Progov in the US wrote a letter to Jung, warning him that if he entered the world of astrology, the Americans would no longer take him seriously. Although Jung was not the one to tell him what to do ). In the end, Jung and Freud parted ways because of the differences in their beliefs.
Did Jung believe in and use astrology? The answer is yes. We can believe this in Jung’s words in a letter dated December 6, 1947 to the Indian astrologer, “B. V. Raman ”wrote, let’s see:
“Since you want to know what I think about astrology, I can tell you that I’ve been interested in this particular activity for more than thirty years. As a psychologist, I am mainly interested in the special features of the horoscope regarding the effects on the personality of the individual. When it is difficult to make a psychological diagnosis, I usually use astrology to get a better perspective and a completely different angle. I have to say that most of the time I have noticed that astrology data expresses certain points that I could not grasp other than using them. With such experiences, I have developed the attitude that astrology has a particular interest in psychology because it has a kind of spiritual experience we call “projection”, meaning that we find psychological factors in constellations.

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