Job and profession failures from the perspective of Jyotish knowledge

شغل چارت تولد آسترولوژي

Diagnosing and identifying failures is very important in professional life, which is possible by analyzing birth charts according to vedic astrology. Sometimes, even people with strong birth charts end up in severe career failure.

However, the overall potency of the birth chart helps the individual and makes things easier to overcome the failures, if the Lagna or the ninth house is strong on the birth chart. The role of Mars, Ketu, Saturn and the eighth house is very important when we consider the possibility of failure in our professional lives. When these planets have afflicted and inauspicious communications with afflicted birth charts’ houses, something unexpected happens and the logic and reason behind it cannot be speculated. Most of the time, these events get noticed after they happen. However, before it happens you may not be interested in thinking about it.
In addition to professional and financial problems, professional failure also causes many other problems. Emotional relationships tend to be cold, endangering one’s mental and physical health, and sometimes weak people may even tend to commit suicide. In this article, we will try to teach you some tips on career breakthroughs as well as possible action to take.

شکست شغلی جیوتیش چارت تولد

Definition of professional failure

There are different views and attitudes among people about career failure. Sometimes a person who is newly educated and has not received a response during the early stages of his or her career may regard it as a professional failure and this may be due to the clarification of his or her job requirements and personal responsibilities. Professional failure occurs repeatedly when it appears fully on the birth chart. As a result, the personal and financial power of the individual is weakened in continuous cycles. Ultimately, career breakdowns should be analyzed in terms of time and one or two events. If you have a continuous failure period which at this time, most of your efforts for professional and financial promotion will be interrupted or failed in the middle of it, or won’t work; it is better to consider it as warning. Because it may be the initial phase of a career failure. Analyzing and examining a person’s birth chart is capable of showing the reasons for this and making progress. To better understand this, let’s look at some birth charts through vedic astrology.

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