Investigating and Analyzing Donald Trump’s Birth Chart from a Geotechnical Perspective

Donald Trump’s personality is rare due to the complexity of his birth chart. From the dynamics to the bustle of the issues, everything is due to the politics being put on his birth chart, and this is how Donald Trump has come to power. The analysis of Donald Trump’s birth chart clearly shows that he is not a man to be ignored.

What makes Donald Trump wealth and success?

Mars is in the zodiac sign “Assad” (whose server is the Sun), where Donald Trump has a commanding, confident, and high-flying personality who endangers his will and moves in unknown directions. brings. On the other hand, this combination has led him tremendously towards government.

This is the key feature of Donald Trump’s birth chart that defines him, and that is why he wants to follow him constantly. Now we know why he was born a deceitful demon who can provoke people.

Before he could rely on the US presidency, Donald Trump was an extraordinary real estate trader and a successful investor; one who would not take a step back and negotiate like a professional when entering into a real estate deal. . Because of the combination of the sun and the ravine that look at the fourth house (real estate house), and the side of Mars (that is, the fourth house server) and the land of Caracas, which also has astrology on the fourth house, this success for Donald Trump It came into being.

Donald Trump is not the one who could be defeated in business, and he doesn’t care what he does, because money is always going for him. There is a strong yoga practitioner on Donald Trump’s birth chart formed by placing a second home server in eleventh house in his own zodiacal sign and his attitude toward the fifth house. This shows that he succeeds from the beginning of his career and brings money wherever he goes. In short, he was born to be a financial star.

But Donald Trump has had his share of problems

Donald Trump is as well known for self-esteem as he is for being frank and rude. While the server is Mercury’s second house, the Mercury in Nakashatra Rahu is on Donald Trump’s birth chart, giving him a rude and often harsh way of speaking. Also, this has made him reluctant to think before speaking. On the other hand, having a customer in the second house makes it sound right to some; it’s not unbelievable but it’s true. Also, Rahu’s attitude on the second house (the lecture house), which is located with the sun (ie, the horoscope server), causes him to observe no limits in speaking and speaking in a rude and irritating manner.

Whenever Donald Trump speaks, it has some (often critical) consequences for him. Donald Trump has been repeatedly accused of neglecting and humiliating women, and there is more than one combination on his birth chart that confirms these events.

Venus, which represents women, is in the zodiacal sign of the moon (which is a feminine planet) in the 12th house, which deals with bed issues, hidden enemies, and addiction. The seventh house represents the opposite sex and the server has moved to the sixth house and turned into a dispute with Venus. This combination has led Donald Trump to a humiliating attitude towards women (who have been criticized and seen by all) and also shows that he is infamous and disagreeable with women. In addition, this combination indicates an uneven, ups and down marriage in Donald Trump’s lifetime.

The performance of the original Ruhu period from 1998 to 2016 had become the key that completely changed Donald Trump’s life and he was influenced by this planetary era.

Moon and Venus are on Donald Trump’s birth chart at the center of the sixth house (debt home) and the eighth house (home of mortgages and loans). When the main course and sub-course of the month – Venus was activated on Donald Trump ‘s birth chart in 1989, he was forced to owe $ 900 million and go bankrupt. However, he began his golden age under the auspices of the original Rao period from 1998, and made a fortune.

Special Columns Donald Trump’s Birthday Chart

With the exception of a strong, positive horoscope, the powerful pillars of Donald Trump’s birth chart can be seen as tenth, second, and eleventh homes, indicating confidence in achieving success and wealth.

Tenth house – Rauh (denotes politics) In the tenth house which is the home of business, with the sun (denotes leadership) in the zodiacal sign of Thor, whose server is Venus (denotes luxury). This combination makes Donald Trump’s constant thinking about money, luxury and an unusual lifestyle. Venus represents acting and drama, while a positive sign points to fame and success. The career of Donald Trump’s birth chart began in 1998, at which time Donald Trump’s life began to change and he entered politics. During the original era of Ruhu, Donald Trump gained popularity by hosting the NBC program for a decade (beginning in 2004). Also, the performance of the original Ruhu era (before it ends in November 2016) paved the way for Donald Trump’s presidency.

SECOND HOUSE – As soon as he began his career as a Dasha customer, Donald Trump began his four-year tenure as US President. Jupiter is the Planet of Chance that is in the second house (the House of Wealth) on Donald Trump’s birth chart and is influenced by the attitude of the eagle (which is the eagle itself and is transcendent in zodiacal sign). Donald Trump came to power as President of the United States when he was in the second phase of the “Saty’s Century” because Saturn was passing on his birthplace in the fourth house, indicating popularity and popularity among the masses. The Fourth House server (reflecting comfort in one’s family and home affairs) is in place of the Fourth House in the Tenth House, which explains the potential of Donald Trump’s ruling in the White House.

Eleventh House – Eleventh House is the house of achievements and aspirations occupied by Mercury and Mercury is in its zodiac sign. Because of Mercury’s connection with the eunuch, Donald Trump has found the ability to make any unpleasant decisions (whether by striking or by trickery).

Analysis of Donald Trump’s birth chart from October 2017 and forecasts for him by June 2019

Based on the analysis of Donald Trump’s birth chart from Geotech’s perspective, the customer-to-customer period performance will be active on this chart until January 2019. Upon completion of this course, the Jupiter-Saturn period will begin functioning.

By early 2016, Rowhaw’s main course was in operation, sowing its popularity. Jupiter, also a planet that is expanding, has provided more growth for Donald Trump. It looks like the time has come for him to get more benefits and achievements, and he is expected to gain fame and fortunes along the way. However, the customer’s return move may raise some health issues for Donald Trump. The reason for this is the sixth house of the birth chart, damaged by its zodiac sign and weakly occupied.

Customer Period – Customer – Quito: From October 2017 to December 2017

This period shows that he has been subjected to some stress due to internal problems. It also indicates his many trips.

Client Period – Client – Venus: From December 2017 to April 2018

The period until April 2018 is positive for international calls and transactions, but some problems were expected from women as well as opposition, which in two cases was expected to create a lot of controversy over Donald Trump’s past immorality.

Customer Period – Customer – Sun: From April 2018 to May 2018

Donald Trump may launch some new policies at this time that might benefit his people. At this time, he may be able to shine as a leader.

Customer Period – Customer – Month: From May 2018 to July 2018

This period reflects a greater dependence on and involvement in family affairs, but Donald Trump’s mental relaxation is expected in this period.

Customer Period – Jupiter – Mars: From July 2018 to September 2018

During this period Donald Trump will follow his offensive instincts. Some hasty actions during this period may begin that may have an unpleasant effect on him in the long run.

Customer – Customer – Route Period: From September 2018 to January 2019

The submarine will help Donald Trump again. However, he may insist too much on his own discipline, which may even mean coercion or violence.

Jupiter – Saturn – Saturn: From January 2019 to June 2019

At this stage, some mental health and physical problems are expected. Disputes or litigation are also evident throughout the period, but he is likely to outperform the opposition.

Despite a series of minor issues, this whole 2-year course has a good outlook for Donald Trump.

Geotechnical birth chart analysis can give you accurate forecasts, and this report will help you understand and enrich your life and other issues in your life.

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