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If you are looking for the right partner to share your life with, reading this article can help. In this article, some helpful tips on how to review and analyze a birth chart to know your partner are provided. “Mellapak” or “Guna Milap” is a general concept used for this issue most of the time. Here, the compatibility of a couple for marriage is analyzed on the basis of the Moon’s position on the relevant birth chart. This is for use in a specific purpose. However, it is preferable to put emphasis on planetary effects on one’s birth chart.

Stability, confidence and trust are key elements of any relationship. This is exactly what everyone wants and should look for in their marriage. Other factors such as health, occupation, position, personality, family, nature and background are also important. However, if these things do not bring stability and trust to the marriage, they will be completely useless.

Occasionally, we may have poor ratings in “Mellapak” or “Guna Milap”. Still, the positive effects of the planet on our birth chart give us the power to bring happiness to Guna Milap. Thus, marriage can be appropriate. This happens when the respective houses on both birth charts are in good standing and free from any influence and attitude of the afflicted planets. On the other hand, if this is not the case, even a strong score in Mellapak may not produce the desired or expected results in marriage.

Of the twelve houses a birth chart, the second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth and twelfth houses play a prominent role in marriage and family life. In addition, the importance of the first house, the Navamsa chart, and the active Dasha are very important in determining the characteristics of a person’s marriage and family life. All aspects of the dimension analysis must be done correctly and professionally, and it is not possible to examine the individual chart from this perspective at the amateur level. However, some aspects can always be judged, even if one has only basic knowledge of astrology. These aspects relate to the second and seventh birth charts.

Having as much transparency as possible, and the pleasant and supportive impacts of second and seventh houses make sure we expect a good, successful marriage and a happy family life. If you’ve ever read Astrolabe’s site and channel, you probably know that the 7th house is of prime importance to spouse, marriage, and children. Of course, the primary house for children and generations is the fifth house, but the seventh house plays an important role anyway.

The second house is also a very important house for marriage, post-marriage, and marital stability. There must be at least some harmful effects to these two planets. Also, the lords of these two houses must be in a good position, otherwise marriage and family life can be challenging. To get the best out of this area, we need to examine these features in both the Lagna charts and the future bride and groom.
Personal experience over the past years has usually shown that if these two houses (namely the second house and the seventh house) are affected by the pleasant and auspicious planets, and the placement and position of the second and seventh house lords are well done, A strong countermeasure against malicious and destructive infiltration can also be addressed, covering weaknesses in Melapak or Guna Milap. In this case, we can expect a reliable and stable marriage. On the other hand, if these two houses (second and seventh houses) are affected by the destructive planets (either on the Lagna chart or on the Navamsa chart), marital relationships (regardless of the power and position of other planets and houses) are quite problematic. It will be exciting and it is prone to failure and misery.

So, in order to identify the right person for you to marry, you should always check these two houses on both the Lagna and Navamsa charts and then decide.

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