?How will my partner (marriage) be like

Many people are worried about how their marriage will be like. What will be their partner and marriage status? Do they have the right marriage based on the birth chart?

By studying the birth chart, one can get reasonable and appropriate references to one’s life partner. One can find out how the physical features and nature of the soul of the partner can be achieved by the seventh house lord and its placement in a particular house and the sign it receives. The physical features of your partner, like the nature of your soul and mood, are identified with the seventh house lord and the sign captured by it on the birth chart.

For example, in a woman’s birth chart, if the seventh house has a zodiac sign “Sagittarius” or “Pisces”, and then Jupiter is the seventh house lord, the birth chart; Located like “Aries”, “Leo” or “Sagittarius”, the partner can be tall and of a good-natured nature.

However, if Jupiter, the seventh house lord, is on the woman’s birth chart, and is on Saturn’s or Mercury’s signs (ie, one of the signs of Gemini, Virgu, Capricorn or Aquarius), her partner may not be very optimistic and possibly infertile. And to be fair too. The impact of pleasant planets on Jupiter and the weakening and damage of this lord can be mitigated.

Here are some of the miraculous combinations on the birth chart that can help you identify your partner, his nature and social status:

1. If the seventh house lord is strong on the birth chart: then you will be one of the best partners in your life. He is rich and handsome and will lead a happy life.

2. If the power of the seventh house lord is relatively higher than that of the horoscope lord, and the seventh house lord also has a desirable and pleasant sign: Here’s a look at the birth chart that says your life partner will be stronger in social and financial terms.

3. If the horoscope lord of birth chart is more powerful than the seventh house lord, and the seventh house lord is well on the chart: in this case, you will dominate your relationships with him.

4.If the seventh house lord is associated with Saturn on your birth chart: We may conclude by checking the birth chart that your partner may be cold-tempered and uninterested in this situation.

5. If the seventh house lord in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house is on the birth chart: This may cause your partner to be physically and mentally ill. Of course, the impact of the pleasant and auspicious planets on the seventh house lord can reduce the negative effects.

6- If the seventh house lord is in the 12th house on your birth chart and also, this seventh house lord is also related to Venus: in this case your partner is very interested in sex and it is likely you celebrate your honeymoon somewhere far away and it will be a memory.

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