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Nature is the best guide or mentor. The primary requirement is only in relation to nature, which definitely requires hard work, dedication, understanding and guidance. Most of the time (99%) When we choose the right career, we fail to see within ourselves and make the right decisions. Often, decisions are made either on the recommendation of others, or on behalf of others, following their work and imitating. For example, about 10 years ago, there was a blind stream of people moving to MBA. Before that, it was the same with the accounting profession, and before that the legal and judicial sector could attract more young people. A few years ago, there was a strong interest in the younger generation for information technology (IT). However, many trained accountants, lawyers, MBA graduates and IT engineers are currently struggling with many problems in their professional stability and security. But the tendency of group imitation not only affects the younger generation, but also their parents trap in guiding and making decisions about their children.

Only a few of parents can truly identify the abilities of their children and address the educational and professional aspects of their child by adopting a proper approach. However, in most cases, decisions about admission, the nature and type of training, future planning, etc. for children are made simply by imitating the masses. With that in mind, there is a simple logic behind the failure of these talents to be understood. The professional success of any individual directly depends on the supply and demand factor. In other words, if supply is more than demand, demand is always lower, and regardless of your expertise in the subject, competition will be tough.

The key point is that when deciding whether to choose your profession or your child’s, you need to consider the supply and demand factors. At any given time, the masses recognize the case as a new opportunity, and shortly afterwards, that potential is completely destroyed. Most educational institutions tend to have the maximum number of admissions in their vocational training courses. So, instead of imitating others, you should try to find hidden but potential job opportunities. For example, few people are currently interested in professional graphic animation.

The second issue we are concerned with is the common sense and overall understanding of human life. Professional work, financial matters, social status, and so on are part of human life, and it is an absolute mistake to sacrifice our lives for the sake of improving our jobs or finances. Regardless of social class, religion, sect or belief, the hard truth of life is that no one can choose how they were born. We were born into an environment, a family, a culture, and a society we have not chosen ourselves. The ultimate purpose of life is to know our true nature and to act accordingly.

However, there are many times when we sacrifice ourselves to gain an advantage in business and finance. This always causes anger and discomfort. Every successful person, in practice and literally, has followed his instincts rather than imitating others, which is what has made him successful. This can be seen from Ezatollah Entezami and Farshchian to Steve Jobs and Roger Federer. Because when you identify your inner instinct, and begin to follow it, you gain a special advantage for pursuing continuous and sustained effort: the natural tendency of the subconscious mind to pursue a particular subject or profession. Mastering it greatly helps you. This is because you do not feel tired and do not get bored. On the other hand, when we choose something that is not in harmony with our inner nature, no matter how hard we try, we cannot enjoy our true potential.

Getting a birth chart and analyzing it properly is one way to know and experience your natural desire. The birth chart is like an encrypted letter and it is necessary to choose the right person to decrypt it.

Another issue to consider is the nature and status of the society in which we live. In some societies, opportunities and mass awareness of occupational and professional issues are far less than in some other societies. Over the past decade, the complexity and confusion of these issues has increased dramatically. Typically, it is between the ages of fourteen and eighteen that a person begins to experience and express his/her own desires and, most of the time, lacks a specific system to discover the potential of the young generation and put them in the right direction, leading to malformations. There is misunderstanding and frustration in them. Often, young people are faced with the limited options that older models, media, or speculation have in front of them.

Advertising and focusing on sports, cinema and the entertainment industry are enormous, and this has made these sectors a dream destination for many young people. We see many who want to become an actor or a football player. However, the fact is that these parts have neither the same production (that adds to the real issues of life) nor much space for proper work in them. The success and power of an economic or community hub is directly related to productivity. This can only be done by skilled professionals and independent entrepreneurs such as engineers, farmers, doctors, small-scale companies (startups) and so on. The turbulent state of society, for whatever reason, pays no attention to the real need of the younger generation, which is full of enthusiasm, energy and commitment, and only those who are financially empowered (with a relatively small range) can have access to the real advantage of tutorial guides .

Therefore, it is vital for the general public to be able to choose and manage their careers in such a way that there are no serious problems with their overall lives. Most people only pursue ambitions rather than strenuous efforts to achieve success. A child may be very talented in the arts or commerce, but only because of their parents’ wishes, or to compete with the community, will have to spend a period in which most other students in that community are also learning the same techniques.

Although analyzing your birth chart alone can not help you succeed in your career, you can at least be aware of your potential and talent in a particular path. And with the proper training and understanding of it, you can keep yourself from sacrificing your life for the sake of earning a living. We see many people who are deeply regretted by their decisions to improve their finances. As such, they had to sacrifice their real life and family relationships and suffer the loss of job satisfaction.

Nature and their own lives can be powerful, rational teachers for any individual life. No animal supports its children because they expect to be supported in the future and take advantage of it. You will rarely see an animal that takes care of its parents. Animals take care of their children to guide them in a way that is strong enough for them to live on, and it is only the behavior of the parents that educates their children. On the contrary, this is not true of humans (especially in our society). Because we want to achieve our dreams through our children. But why don’t we give them the opportunity to identify their true potential, and help and work on their talents? Why do we force our children to think like us? The child can be powerful in some or all of the issues besides what we have in hand, but our instincts and sometimes insecurity do not allow us to think well about our children.

Our child learns, not from us, but through our behavior how to behave and be honest. God has blessed us with a powerful and active mind, as well as a good communicative power that leads to the better development of our children. In practice, however, we do not enjoy the blessings that much. Many parents either start saving money instead of dealing with the real issues of their children, or just focus on resources like school, books, tutoring, and so on. The balance is lost, and as a result,the younger generation can hardly get the true meaning of life.

In the race for making more money, some youths are led to inappropriate ways of earning money and significantly ruining their personal lives. When can money work without peace of mind? It is absolutely a lie that one cannot improve social life and relationships with honesty. This is very possible, and people who have dared to think rationally (rather than imitate others) have proven it over and over. It is not possible for every child on the planet – unfortunately – but for every child moving in the way of their potential, success is highly probable. As parents we need to understand this requirement for responsibility and create a healthy space for our children to move and grow in their talents, rather than filling our children’s bags with books and educational resources.

How can analyzing your birth chart help you choose the right career?

Investigating first, third and fifth houses in particular can be very helpful in identifying the strength and nature of potential talent in analyzing birth charts. A strong and well placed first house lord, and the happy and auspicious influences and attitudes on the first house are very good for assessing one’s abilities and identifying his strengths and weaknesses. Conversely, the debilitating condition of the first house or its lord may disrupt the process and, in this case, the role of parents in addressing this issue is more important than ever.

The analysis of first and third houses fully demonstrates the level of potential talent for the right occupation. Sometimes the weakness or the unfavorable position of the third house does not allow one to make a good career choice. In addition, this can cause him to choose unethical and illegal ways to earn money. The unpleasant effects produced by the lords of the sixth and twelfth houses, and the devastating and harmful effects of the Mars and Rahu, may also lead one to criminal activity, and in the present social context this situation is threatening to parents.

Reviewing and analyzing the first and fifth houses generally helps us identify the areas where there is a potential for success. In addition, identifying and analyzing the karakas (active) planets on the birth chart are also very useful. When analyzing the birth chart from a professional perspective, the role of Dasha and transit is also very important and should be studied in this matter as well. By dedicating time and patience, the most appropriate training to succeed in one’s career can be achieved through analyzing his birth chart.

I, Soroush Dehghan, up to this day, have helped many Iranians use their birth charts and talents to make the best career choice for them. you can be the next one!؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

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