?How can an online birth report help us before chart interpretation advice

نشان خورشید جیوتیش چارت آنلاین جیوتیش

Seeing your chart before even consulting using the free astro chart calculation system and even taking notes from some of it can be a great help in making the most of your phone consultation time. but how?
1. The site chart and the calculation advice are the same

The chart calculated on the site is exactly the same calculation that the master does in consulting (Ayanamsa Lahiri + Equal House) Without the slightest discrepancy, this uniformity will make you more prepared for your consultation and cause it to Here are the next numbers.

2.Knowing the sun sign

At the beginning of the sun, you can see your sun sign, which may be different from your birth month, because the sun is constantly rotating and even changing annually.نشان خورشید جیوتیش چارت آنلاین جیوتیشنشان خورشید جیوتیش چارت آنلاین جیوتیش

3.Know Your Document

Knowing your pre-consultation can give you a fascinating look, in that you realize, no matter what fish you were born in, but the constellation you were born at the first chart home Of the highest importance possibleرایزینگ طالع جیوتیش آنلاین فال چارت

4.Knowing the position of planets in chart houses

What are the planets on your chart? The more planets accumulate in chart houses, the more complex the field of life becomes, for example, the planets in the marriage house (seventh house) can cause problems (being married, separation) or other issues that may be They should be carefully examined in consultation with the astronomer. With this in mind, you know exactly which planet your chart is on when consultingسیارات چارت آنلاین جیوتیش استرولوژي رایگان

5.Knowing the position of the planets in Bruges

On what planet are your planets located, and what is the result of this? Knowing this part will help you understand exactly what planet was located at the time you were born. The important point is that some planets in your brood are in an important position. These situations are marked in the report with the phrase (important combination on your birth chart), these important situations can indicate the weakness or strength of the planet and you You can ask during the consultation what results the planet has on your chart

بروج سیارات چارت جیوتیش آنلاین
6.Purposeful question

The various sections of the report say what home is what! What planet governs what matters! And by knowing this, you can ask targeted questions! For example, you are interested in art and in the report you will find that Venus is the ruler of art! You should definitely focus on the planet Venus when consulting and ask more questions about it.

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