Genius with financial constraints

Property and wealth have always been the strength of human life. However, this need has increased significantly over the past few decades. In past times, especially in traditional societies, people did not have to struggle too much to ensure good living conditions. Although there were financial issues for the people, compared to that time to the present, life was not so difficult. Today, we rarely find a day when no one’s life is ruined because of financial constraints.

In analyzing the birth chart from the perspective of this issue, the role of planets and houses in the birth chart must be properly judged and adjusted so that it can address specific financial aspects and provide meaningful and useful guidance (rather than useless material). Includes information on how to have a number of “Raja yogas” on the birth chart) to the person being consulted. When we feel that people are scared and suffering from financial problems, we feel sadness, and although astrology is a very effective art-tool, many astrologers are unable to deal with it effectively.

In fact, it seems as if everybody just claims to be aware of astrology and knows the mystery of it by reading only a few articles. Sometimes, the shows and scenes presented just to eran money destroys the true knowledge. Some have even designed self-reading systems and procedures and have abandoned the principles of Vedic astrology developed by devotees of ancient India, including the Maharishi Parashar. They are unable to grasp the true meaning of the principles of astronomy and copy and paste some of the brief guidance from Parashar and Faladipka as their work and research. Most people are skeptical, confused, and inconsistent about the malfunction of such systems and point to the ineffectiveness of the “Raja Yogas” and “Dana Yogas” introduced in their birth charts. The lack of a proper system in our society and culture also provides the platform for the invasion of fake activities called astrology. A person who is in a difficult financial situation feels fortunate and secure because he has been told that there are many Raja Yogad on his birth chart. So he pays fake astrologers the money he earned by hardworking and gets false and fake hope in return. This may give you hope temporarily, but it is likely to cause permanent damage to the person. For example, someone recently came to me to analyze their birth chart. I informed her that the planetary period is not desirable at the moment and that she should be careful. However, she was, according to some so-called astrologers, influenced by many promising Dana Yoga and Raj Yoga on her birth chart. However, in fact, there was no real yoga as she was told. But despite the warnings I gave, she could not accept the effects of unbroken and destructive planets and ended with large loans and is still struggling with difficult conditions. While she consulted me for clarity and honesty, however, the misconceptions offered by amateur astrologers have caused her severe financial losses. Though this situation has recently improved somewhat.

One of the main reasons for astrology’s ineffectiveness is that many of us are unaware of its practical consequences. Just like any system or tool used for early detection, your birth chart is an encrypted image of your life that contains detailed information about your surroundings, births, resources, nature, etc. And it generally depends on how you use these informations. Note that the role of the pattern that draws the decoding of the birth chart is also important, because it can provide miraculous information through analysis. We should know that if one understands it or at least tries to understand the strengths and weaknesses of his/her birth chart, there is certainly a chance that he/she will find suitable solutions to many of his/her life’s problems. Please note the emphasis on the word “appropriate”, as it is not always necessary that what you want is appropriate in certain circumstances. For example, if the analysis of a birth chart indicates failure in business activities (in fact due to weakness and damage to the third house and/or the first house lord), one should accept the limitations and try to do something. Which corresponds to planetary positions. Therefore, in such a situation, if the fifth house, Jupiter, and the moon are powerful, one can try to be a clerk or self-employed (such as independent professional service), or if there is no support on one’s birth chart, He/she should try to get hired somewhere and get a job in the field. However, it is difficult to accept reality. Responsibility means that the person seeking guidance should be counseled as well as warned. People have gained a lot of bad experiences in analyzing birth charts with fake astrologers. Given this, it is difficult to find and trust a good, experienced astrologer, and their bad experience causes them to lose faith and hope in this ancient science. The art is to find a way to prove our worth, instead of just making divine claims and simply saying, “We can change your destiny” or lying like, “All planetary forces are in your favored control.” ”. That’s a very ridiculous word; I mean how can you change someone else’s fate while still fighting for your own survival? However, the point is that the information obtained from your birth chart should be processed according to current conditions so that some painkillers can be provided to reduce the negative impacts or that the solution can be designed in practical contexts.

Now, let’s return to the basic idea of this article. The role of financial resources in life has increased substantially in the last few decades. There is an old saying that knowledge and wealth almost stay together (an answer to the question “Is science better or wealth?”). And somehow this seems to be true. Many genius people in thought cannot enjoy the luxuries and wealth they deserved, and sometimes only after their deaths can the community recognize their contribution.

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