Gaining success in the law profession from Jyotish perspective

Astrologically, there is a good relationship between a lawyer, a capitalist, and a teacher. After gathering a lot of advice based on my birth chart, I didn’t find any specific deficiencies in my job counseling database that would play an important role solely in the success of the law profession. I examined every defect that played an important role. The only non-profits that mattered in this regard were the Pūrva Bhādrapadā nakshatra, which were also involved in professional matters related to finance and teaching. The most important thing I noticed in all of the lawyers’ charts was that the influence of Jupiter and Saturn’s planets on the fifth and ninth house lords, as well as the zodiacal signs of “Sagittarius” and “Virgo”.

Jupiter is a karaka for law, teaching and finance. That is why it is very difficult to determine which aspect of Jupiter to include in a person’s birth chart and it requires a lot of experience. The houses that are important in this diagnosis are the ninth, sixth and eighth houses. It is true that we all know that the tenth house is the workplace home and has the most impact in the world. However, relying solely on the tenth house for a career diagnosis can make you a great breakthrough in analyzing your birth chart from a professional perspective.
Even by looking at Amatya Karaka you will not be able to come up with a realistic picture of the legal profession. I have seen every planet that has become the “Amatya karaka” (the second most important planet) that is in charge of business and making money. A common factor among these planets has been the zodiac sign of the “Sagittarius” and the “Virgo”. The original Zodiac Sign of the Sagittarius in the 9th house is about law, writing and enacting law, government management, consultants. The zodiacal sign of “virgo” is about dealing with disputes, litigation, and dealing with enemies, which are very common issues in a lawyer’s life.

Mercury is another important factor in lawyers because it requires talking, writing and reasoning. The subject of reasoning has always been supported by Mercury’s attachment to Mars. This continuity is determined either by linking the two planets together, or by Mars’ attitude to Mercury, or by Rushi’s attitudes, each of which can be seen in the analysis of the birth chart. Describes ‘Rushi’ attitudes ‘Prashara’, which is similar to ‘Jaimini’ attitudes

Saturn’s planet belongs to the judge and the court. Saturn is important in obeying the law and having strict discipline over the law of nature and the law of the land. A prominent Saturn has always shown that one strives to fight injustice, to fight for the weak right. Such a person fights for quality without discriminatory judgment. Every time we use the word transcendental in analyzing a birth chart, it indicates that a planet is in “Kundra” or “Tricon” houses.
It is sitting, while it is affected by most planets.

Now we come to the role and influence of the Tenth House. Tenth house is not your professional home. Forget the saying that a tenth house is a professional home, because it is actually your workplace. So, this shows what kind of things surround you and is related to karma. When it comes to sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth houses, this particular lord has a great desire for the law (if all other criteria are met).
The sixth house is also house to debates, arguments, struggles, disputes, and the like.
The seventh house is the court house, the house of negotiation, contract and business and commerce. The Eighth House is also home to investigations and investigations. The ninth house is related to the law and order house.

I have to say, out of all the people I have given birth chart advice to, I have found that less than 15% of people have actually been successful in their profession or have been satisfied with such a job. Those who were satisfied were those who had Jupiter or Saturn on their birth chart as “Amatya Karaka”; Jupiter influenced their fifth and ninth houses and was with Saturn. The impeccable Pūrva Bhādrapadā and Hasta have been prominent. Hasta is about using and working by hand. In most cases, a lawyer should write contracts (which require writing skills). However, with practical experience and examining Ardra to Ravati and Auschwini, none of these inefficiencies have proven to be truly outstanding in saying that “this is a lawyer’s failure.” We can easily see this among IT and software professionals. In general, the law of one’s belief in the system is patriotism and the struggle to eradicate injustice; these are not to be found in the inferiors, but in the Satawic and Tamasic degrees of the planets.

One of the most important things to succeed for successful lawyers is the month. The ability of the moon to do serious, arduous work that requires the power of analysis, criticism, and logic is crucial. Those who fail in their professional life regarding law and law have pisces that are in zodiac signs or inefficiencies related to creativity, innovation, imagination, and technical skills. As such, the position of the month is the first thing we need to know whether this person should be working in the legal field. We are the moon
(Especially in the “earth” and “fire” zodiac signs) are strongly influenced by Saturn, Mars and the Sun.

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