House Of Love And Children

Often, pleasure is the result of a creative act. The simple creative act is, in essence, to abandon one’s self and build something else. Yes, the Fifth House rules about childbirth and children, but it also includes art and culture. Creative life is one of the things that we can achieve with great personal satisfaction. Do I like this? Does this make me feel good? Does this bring me pleasure? The answer is in the fifth house.

By taking this pleasure principle a step further, it can give it a more humane face. The romantic pleasures are in the fifth realm. Emotional satisfaction can be achieved in a variety of ways, yet another method offered by this house is gambling. While this implies economic risk, it can also be seen as a desire to take risks – love, money or life. The greedy risk in the hopes of a pleasing outcome is how the fifth house looks at it. This house is in fact very rich in pleasures as it governs fun, games and entertainment. Life is beyond being or doing, it also involves finding – finding pleasure in the actions we are involved in.

Children are also important as a source of satisfaction in the fifth house. This brings us back to creativity, because we make an expansion in ourselves through our children and then watch it grow. Given all of the goodies we had (and have), it is definitely an enjoyable thing. How will this reveal itself? What kind of pleasure and emotional freedom is best for our children? Music, dance, theater, art, science, literature – these are fantasies for them and for us. The game is all about fifth house in order to enrich the emotional and pure pleasure.