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Placement of planets at the moment of your birth has a huge impact on your potentials. If you can understand these potentials well, you can achieve success and enjoyment in less time by making right choice. In Jyotish astronomy, we deal with Dima Vimshottari Dasha (time periods of each person’s life). In fact, at each time period, a planet governs your life potentials. Rahu is a sub-planet which its ruling lasts for 18 years and causes many inconsistencies and problems in its time. By tact and discipline, destructive effects of Rahu on personality, choices, job dimensions, etc can be recognized, and one can have a good life even during this 18 year period. Of course, we have to see when this eighteen-year period begins on everyone’s chart.

If this period begins early in life, it will definitely affect negatively your choices and life, and make you confused.

If this planet shows up in age of 18 like this chart, it will affect your youth.

If activated in middle age or late in life, it will bring its difficulties to that time.

On the Chart of client, we discussed the Rahu period that has been active since January 9, 2009, career and emotional choices in this period, times when it can be problematic, this person’s true talent, answers to questions and choices. Logical and planetary therapies also were provided.

When will the Rahu period be activated on your chart?

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Consultation with Professor Soroush Dehghan

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