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From the day and the moment you were born, your birth has been under the special arrangement of the planets Sun-Moon-Mars-Saturn-Mercury-Venus-Jupiter and this astronomical arrangement cause you be always in the period of a planet. If the planet is in power, it will be your good fortune. And if it is damaged, that will be an unfortunate.

There are always bad days. Days when we get involved in illness, divorce, break up, and so on. We can only move on, but in the meantime, awareness can reduce difficulties and cause you less suffering.

On February 2016, the bad days of this chart had begun with the arrival of the planet Ketu causing many problems in the life of the owner of the chart. But thanks to God and his will, with the help of the Jyotish Astronomy System and day-to-day forecasting time periods and therapies, problems were under control, and fortunately these days have come to an end. Fortunately, Venus and Saturn were in power on this chart, and made many parts of the chart magnificent, giving the character a lot of depth and tact.

In fact, immediately after the period of damaged planet on this birth chart, a powerful planet was activated and dominated this person’s Dasha (life periods) and fortunately got out of his difficult days with his trust in God and tact.

Whatever your situationi is, in any family you are born in, you will have difficult days. The truth is that awareness and trust in God are the only ways to get out of the critical situations in marriage, job and other matters.

What crises are you involved in??????

When is the time to get out of crisis??????

Do you know the threats around you??????

Thousands of clients cannot be wrong. 

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