Examination of professional and occupational dimensions in terms of Jyotish knowledge

Most people ask themselves, “Is this the right business for me?” Or “Am I working in the right business for myself?” It is a professional dimension. You might first want to consider how the suitability of a particular area for one’s occupation and career is examined. However, first we need to consider what the potential of a birth chart is for career and professional issues. Most people misunderstand this.

These two issues are different types of professional perspective. Both of these issues require proper analysis of the birth chart. The first is about the potential of a birth chart for professional activities, and the second is about identifying the best possible career activities appropriate and talented. A simple example can clarify the issue to get a better understanding of these issues.

Imagine someone who is interested in sports. In order for him to be fit for sports and to be acceptable to us, we must first look at his physical strength. Only then can we decide on the type of physical activity appropriate to his physical and mental strength. If a person has poor bone structure or suffers from severe health problems, the second question (which exercise is appropriate) will be meaningless. The same is true of birth charts. To determine the suitability of a particular professional activity for a person, the potential ability on the birth chart (professionally) is first identified. Only then should we look for the right fit for that particular professional activity.

With the power of information in the media, communications and technology, basic and raw information about astrology can usually be easily accessed on the Internet and in magazines. However, we should not overlook such knowledge or information as plain and simple.
To ensure the foundation of a birth chart from a professional perspective, the first, third and tenth houses need to be analyzed, and if it is severely damaged by two or more aspects, it will weaken the chart from a professional perspective. . Regardless of this fundamental weakness, the role and nature of a particular profession (as a business) cannot produce the right results.

Another very important question is how do you find the outstanding power and ability of these three houses? It should be said that the rules are simple and do not need to be complicated or confusing. To understand firsthand the potential power of a house, let’s go over the simple and straightforward rules to give you a good picture.

First, identify the nature of the zodiac sign and the houses occupied by the lord of a particular house. If a house lord is housed in pleasant houses (other than sixth, eighth and twelfth houses), it will upgrade that house controlled by the lord planet. If the planet is also conquered by a pleasant zodiacal sign (such as its own zodiacal sign, or a supreme zodiacal sign or a patron zodiacal sign), it will provide the planet with additional power and support. In addition, if the planet has a connection (through alliance or attitude) with the pleasant planets, it will have the power to protect and enhance the planet’s signs and features. The placement of the pleasant planets in a particular house can also help protect and enhance its importance.

Conversely, if the house is occupied by unpleasant and malicious planets, its lord is damaged or badly damaged, or occupied by an unpleasant zodiac sign (the zodiac is damaged, or unpleasant), and Or communicating (through attitude or alliance) with unpleasant planets can produce quite different results than before.

In addition, the position of this house or planet should also be good on separate charts (especially on the Navamsa chart). Otherwise, the appearance of good status on the Lagna chart may not be able to reach the expected position. Occasionally, even powerful states of the planets are found in the Lagna chart, which should yield positive results, but they have failed because the position of the planets in the charts has not been good.
To better understand this, let’s look at sample charts to illustrate the dark and obscure angles of the problem.

On this birth chart, Mars is the lord of Lagna, which is perfectly located in the third house. Mars has an interdependent attitude with the badly damaged and badly positioned. However, because of its superior position, Mars still has the potential to do well. Jupiter is another pleasant planet for Scorpio. Jupiter also has a pleasant attitude on Mars. The first house of the Lagna Chart is free from any malicious influence. Therefore, the first house can be reasonably powerful.

Both 3rd and 10th house lords (which are Saturn and Sun respectively) are damaged on the Lagna chart and are badly positioned. Mercury is a great planet for Scorpio. In this chart, Mercury is in union with the damaged sun, and also has a disparaging view of Saturn. Ketu is in the tenth house of the Lagna Chart and united with the moon, the pleasant lord of the ninth house. Also, under the superb attitude of the lord of Logna Chart, Mars, which is in the third house. As you know, Rahu and Ketu will be able to deliver positive results when they are influenced by the pleasant planets. The chart also shows that the pleasant effects of the Moon and Mars on Ketu are good, while the moon does damage on Ketu, causing the element of chance on the chart to fade.

So, the tenth and third house masters are in a bad position, while the tenth and third houses are under pleasant influence. Mars is a powerful Lagna chart lord. Meanwhile, the ninth house lord, the Moon, has been damaged by an alliance with Ketu. Mars is on the Navamsa chart of the fourth house (with the zodiac sign “Aquarius”) without any influence of unpleasant planets. Mercury has gone to the third house on the Navamsa chart and is in relation to Saturn’s interaction. Ketu’s place in the first house is great. However, the Moon is in the eighth house on the Navamsa chart.

This person has encountered challenges and difficulties in his career. During most of his youth, he was confused about deciding professional issues. The man tried various businesses, however, he had to endure failure and financial losses. Unpleasant results (due to weaknesses and damage to third and tenth house lords) were very prominent during the Sun and Moon Mahadasa. However, during Mars Mahadasa, things have improved significantly. These events bring about business stability and financial revenue.

This is another astrological chart. In this chart, the first, third, and tenth house lords are not well positioned. The Lagna lord, Saturn, is damaged in the third house. Mars is the lord of the third and tenth houses and weakened in the sixth house of the Lagna chart. Mars has an alliance with Mercury and the Sun. As such, both Mars and Mercury have suffered damage. The tenth house is occupied by the weak and damaged Moon, making the charts worse for the profession. Venus is the ninth house lord who joined Jupiter in the seventh house. And both of these planets have an attitude on the first house of the Lagna chart. Mars also has an attitude towards Lagna, though because of its weak position, it shows no signs of it and can only be useful to the attitudes of Jupiter and Venus.

In this person’s Navamsa chart, the Moon is in the first house and has an interactive relationship with Venus and the damaged Saturn (placed in the seventh house). The sun is joining Rahu in the third house, and Mars is joining Jupiter in the elevwnth house. This person also faced various serious problems in his career and never had the stability to do so. During the Venus Mahdasa, he was able to travel abroad. Also, this time was a good time to earn some money for him. However, this remained only for a short time and one faced severe professional challenges as well as financial problems. Injured and weak Mars (third and tenth house lords) have caused many problems, and due to the weakness of the Lagna lord, one has had problems most of the time.

The tendency for cross-issues depends on the extent of the damage to the planets and the houses associated with the professional landscape (ie first, third and tenth houses). Protecting the ninth house or other pleasant planets may provide short-term relief (typically during Dasa and proper planetary transit). However, it has always been observed that weaknesses and damage to these planets and houses (first, third and tenth houses) are professionally problematic.

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