House of Friendship

Through our friends, we find power in numbers – we observe collective power of group. Groups addressed to this home include clubs, organizations, social groups, networking organizations and professional associations. The focus here is on what we do in this group, how we make a difference, and as a result, how we grow and practice our true selves. In addition, that group, by virtue of its collective power, helps define what we will do as individuals.

As we grow, we need to have more opportunities and the Eleventh House addresses these. Our interactions and efforts align with our priorities in life. These interactions must be capable of growing in our lives. A love affair? Yes, in many cases. We bring meaning to our lives and to our community through friends and group activities.

The Eleventh House also talks about destiny – in simple terms, our hopes and dreams, what we desire and what we want to achieve. The power of collective creation, as well as the creative sparks produced by the group, are also important to this house.

By joining our friends, we not only make a great deal, but we can also enjoy the results of our work. The eleventh house also addresses our kind of friend: What do we do for others? What do we think of our friends? What do they think of us? It is our main character that largely defines the friends and groups we choose.

Most of the time, we work with our friends to become better and hope for a better society. This humanitarian side of us is capable of self-sacrifice, and eager to help others. It is also our humanity that expresses itself effectively. At times, we may be saddened by the famous saying of the apple chariot, but overall our effort must be to look at the final result. If this is good, then the process is valuable, for better or for worse. Finally, the eleventh house is also dominated by children, abandoned children and adopted children. The eleventh house is ruled by the Aquarius and the planets of Saturn and Uranus.