House of sexual interactions

It explores relationships – interactions with another person and how specific aspects of their interactions can be interpreted as a more social nature. This house talks about what our relationships will bring us and how we can make the most use of them.

Returning to the emphasis on sex in this house, it is important to note that the French refer to sexual pleasure as ‘le petit mort’ or ‘minor death’. When we reach a transcendent state of intimacy and empathy, we leave behind our self-esteem – the death of a minor death. One can also choose to see this from the perspective of growth, a new beginning, the rebirth of the soul, or the acquisition of partnership. Eighth House is a house of equal opportunity, gender, death and rebirth on an equal playing field and acknowledging the importance and durability of all three. We will experience death and rebirth as part of our lives: failed relationships lead to new relationships, job changes, new hairstyles. We will be rebuilt and reborn with each new step and we should welcome them.

Shared resources also fall into the eighth house: inheritance, alimony, tax, insurance, and other support. Financial support, as well as spiritual, physical and emotional support, is shown by this house. While our relationships share many of the things already mentioned, they also have their own dynamics and grow from within (we grow through our sexuality as we grow through other tangible means we do). It is said, however extensive our relationships are, they also have certain limitations, many of which are created by society. Again, taxes, alimony and the common nature of assets come to mind. Yes, with every opportunity we have, we may face limitations with it. Once again: death and rebirth.

As the nature of this house evolves, house customs become important. Each group has its own way of looking deeply into the soul and past, if only to gain a sense of who we really are. What will be the quality of our customs? Modes of Sublimation or Transformation? What secrets do we keep and why? How we manage our interactions, relationships, and customs is important to the Eighth House – will we be honest, effective, and responsible? In general, will the wealth generated by our relationships benefit the group (company, humanity)? Our legacy is the key to this house: how we direct ourselves now, and how it will work out forever.