Effects of Mercury from Rumi’s and his poems’ prespective

مولانا جیوتیش زایچه ستاره شناسی

The astronomical knowledge that is the main subject of Astrolabe site has been fully confirmed by Rumi. Rumi has considered Mercury a representor of intelligence, theology, the ability of writing and knowledge. we have always discussed the power of Mercury in the study of various cultures. That what problems a troubled Mercury will cause. At the end of this article, Rumi has pointed to Saturn, which we, too, believe reflects one’s foresight and thoughtfulness. We discuss Rumi’s words about Mercury in this article.

In astronomy, Mercury have been described as “the wisdom of the wise men, doctors, astronomers, poets, writers, painters, merchants, marketers and those who are religious, speecher and pure”

Rumi has described Mercury as the star of wisdom and knowledge, and considered its advantages for humans as a result of its influence:

آن عطارد را ورقها جان ماست

آن سپیدی و آن سیه میزان ماست(1599/2)

He regards the revelation of the secrets of existence to humans as the result of Mercury’s influence (2: 2583) and considers the intellect of some of the people who have been specially gifted by God to be superior to Mercury (3/3879). He considers knowledge to be attained in two ways: one by using means which is the gained knowledge and the other by the grace of God which is referred to Ladani knowledge in Islamic mysticism. Referring to these two methods, Rumi has stated that:

خود خرد آن است کو از حق چرید

نه خرد کان را عطارد آفرید(3309/4)

And elsewhere, by comparing his knowledge with knowledfe of an ordinary man, he states that:

از عطارد د زحل دانا شد او

ما ز داد کردگار لطف خو(2586/5)

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